On modern enterprise management

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Talking about modern enterprise management

first, strict management and improving quality

the first step for enterprises to survive and develop is to strengthen the quality awareness of enterprises and improve product quality. First, we should establish the idea of "quality first, user first", and strictly control the quality from product research, development, design, production to packaging, storage, transportation and other links

strict quality management, first, we should establish a quality assurance system and improve the management network, so as to organize, coordinate, inspect and supervise the quality work. Second, we should establish and improve various rules and regulations, take prevention as the owner of the servo system tension tester, and implement the whole process management. Because good products are produced rather than inspected, it is necessary to eliminate unqualified products in the process of travel, achieve the combination of prevention and inspection, and focus on prevention. The focus of quality management is to control the design and production of unqualified products in advance, and carry out strict post inspection at the same time

II. Strengthen on-site management

what I mean by on-site management is to use scientific management systems and methods to manage various production factors on site, mainly including: people, machines, materials, energy, methods, rings, etc. through the friction in the tightening process, 90% of the torque of the planning group is consumed by the friction, coordination, control and incentive management, so as to achieve reasonable preparation and optimal combination. In order to achieve high quality, high efficiency, low consumption, balance and safe production, in fact, on-site management is also directly related to the image of the enterprise, and it is also one of the main signs to measure the management level of an enterprise. First of all, we should formulate standards to follow rules. Secondly, we should strengthen guidance, supervision and inspection to achieve orderly logistics, intact equipment, strict discipline and clean environment

third, strengthen strategic management

the first line should produce a generation and develop a generation from the strategy of new products, that is, eat one, look at two and think three. In the competition, we should achieve that people have no self, people have their own advantages, and people have their own advantages. In this way, we can grasp the initiative of the market and not be eliminated in the fierce market competition

in fact, the current market competition is undoubtedly the competition of product quality. In the final analysis, it is the competition of talents and the overall quality of an enterprise. The quality of a product is also a concentrated reflection of all job skills of an enterprise in the face of macroeconomic downturn. Therefore, an enterprise should take all staff training as the foundation of its business, pursue all staff excellence, and people-oriented management. First of all, we should pay attention to emotional management. The direct benefit of emotional capital is to close the relationship between people in the enterprise, between employees and the enterprise, establish the group spirit, stimulate and mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative creativity of the whole staff

modern enterprises should use flexible management while using rigid management. Flexible management is opposite to rigid management. Rigid management is to use power and organizational system to forcibly command, control, command and rigid entertainment management to achieve the purpose according to fixed modes and procedures in the enterprise; Flexible management is to adopt flexible means to establish a flexible organizational system, emphasizing enterprise spirit, enterprise culture and talent development. It is invisible resource management. Modern enterprise management should overcome hardness with softness, combine hardness and softness, create a harmonious atmosphere for the enterprise, and make the enterprise a management mode combining leniency and strictness

the above is just a little experience of combining theory with practice because the blow molding machine with good performance has shown good market adaptability in the process of producing film, because the learning of enterprise management is endless. In other words, with the continuous progress of society, management also changes with the trend of adjusting measures to local conditions and times

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