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Jinjing technology plans to transform the solar greenhouse glass production line

Jinjing Technology (600586) announced that it plans to carry out technical transformation on some facilities and processes of the 500t/d float glass production line of the headquarters to build a 525t/d1 When the medium temperature in the cooling tank is close to the set temperature, the solar greenhouse glass production line. The line was discontinued on July 4, with an estimated period of four months

the announcement shows that this 4 Customers can also use cannon equipment with the same configuration for spraying raw materials with different formulas (normal or with mineral to PP filler) for secondary technical transformation "Since the modification in 2007, the existing main line plant and equipment have been used to transform, add key equipment, transform and repair the raw material workshop, utilities and the power system of the combined workshop, so as to meet the production capacity of 525 tons/day melting furnace.

the new construction investment of this technical transformation is expected to be 40million yuan, and the construction and transformation period is expected to be 4 months.

after the technical transformation, the production line will be transformed into a 525t/d solar greenhouse glass production line, products The variety is transformed into mm, taking into account the production capacity of mm color glass, and the product quality complies with the solar greenhouse glass standard

the company said that at present, the greenhouse cultivation area in China has reached more than 13 million mu and is developing rapidly. If 30% of solar greenhouse glass is used, and 1000 square meters of solar greenhouse glass is used for one mu of land, the total demand will reach 3.9 billion square meters, which has a good market prospect. Solar greenhouse glass is not only used in glass greenhouses, but also for many other purposes, such as high-grade building doors and windows, electrical products with high light transmittance, glass for commercial ecological parks, etc. (

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