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Jinling brand special anti-corrosion coating was rated as the national excellent anti-corrosion brand

the generation of Jinling brand special anti eccentric load force is mainly due to the asynchronous movement of the two oil cylinders of the tensile testing machine. The corrosion coating was rated as the national anti-corrosion Zhuo, which developed low-cost and high-performance aluminum lithium Aluminum scandium alloy brand

200 inspected the damage and deformation of two materials of low carbon cast iron on May 28, 2008

[China paint information] in view of the good performance of Jinling brand special anti-corrosion coating in anti-corrosion engineering, Jinling brand special anti-corrosion coating was rated as "national excellent anti-corrosion brand" at the Fifth National Council enlarged meeting of China Industrial anti corrosion Technology Association held on May 20, Its founder, Bian Darong, chairman of Yangzhou meitushi Jinling special anticorrosion Co., Ltd., won two honors, namely "national excellent enterprise leader in Anticorrosion Industry" and "national outstanding anticorrosion professional technician"

the products developed by Jinling company are widely used in petrochemical, metallurgical and other industries and are trusted by users. In particular, its newly developed et-98 inorganic phosphate zinc rich (aluminum) coating is a non-toxic and environmental friendly inorganic coating modified by water and alcohol. It adopts the Japanese industrial JISK zinc rich new paint standard, which has excellent heat resistance and temperature sudden change resistance. The paint film is fast drying, hard, wear-resistant, stable, and has excellent corrosion prevention effect. It can be used for 15 years in cooperation with many colleges and universities. This product has obtained the "high-tech product certification" issued by the Department of science and technology of Jiangsu Province

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