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Jinjing technology invested in baking soda and soda waste heat project

Jinjing Technology (600586) decided to invest about 1. The 50kt/a food grade baking soda project and the comprehensive utilization project of soda making waste heat were constructed with 8.6 billion yuan, both of which were implemented by its wholly-owned subsidiary Shandong Haitian Biochemical Co., Ltd

among them, the total investment of baking soda project is 45.25 million yuan, including 3286 investment in fixed assets. 90000 yuan. The project produces 50000 tons of food grade baking soda per year. When it is completed and put into production, it is estimated that the annual sales revenue will increase by 66million yuan and the profit will be 728. 580000 yuan

the company said that the use of baking soda is no longer limited to the field of food additives and fire extinguishing agents. With the development of industry, the improvement of people's living standards and the continuous development of product uses, baking soda has been widely used in medicine, feed, beverage, detergent and other industries if the expansion length is insufficient. Due to the continuous expansion of its functions and uses, especially in medicine, feed, environmental protection purification agents, This enabled the product to remain prosperous in production and sales when the global economic crisis occurred in. It is predicted that the market demand for baking soda will grow rapidly in the next five years

total investment of comprehensive utilization project of waste heat from Soda Making 1. According to the prediction of GGII, 4.1 billion yuan, including 8.4 million yuan of investment in the central budget, 75.1 million yuan of bank loans and 57 million yuan of self owned investment by enterprises. Jinjing technology said that after the project is completed, the total new profit of the project is expected to be 4023. 850000 yuan, and the new profit after tax is 3017. 890000 yuan, with good economic and social benefits

according to the introduction, Haitian company produces 1million tons of soda ash every year, which is one of the largest enterprises in China. Since the company's 1million ton/year soda ash project was put into operation, part of the high-level waste heat generated in the soda making process has been utilized, while the low-level heat energy has not been utilized. After the implementation of the project, 160000 tons of steam have been recovered every year, directly saving 1. 50000 tons of standard coal

if each ton of steam is calculated at 135 yuan, the annual income will increase by 21.6 million yuan, and the heating area will also increase by 1. 890000 square meters. Heating per square meter is calculated at 25 yuan, with an annual increase of 3. Classification by force measurement method plus income of 47. 250000 yuan. Waste heat concentrated sea water is 2.6 million square meters, of which 1.6 million square meters can be used to extract bromine and sun salt. After sale, the benefit can be increased by 8million yuan by 5 yuan/square meter. 1million square meters are reused in the alkali production system, saving 100000 tons of solid raw salt per year. Calculated at 100 yuan per ton, 10million yuan of cost can be saved per year

in addition, the project reduces the discharge of sea water by 63.2 million square meters, press 0. 1 yuan/square meter, reduce the annual sewage discharge fee by 6.32 million yuan, and reduce the one-time seawater purchase by 50.9 million square meters, at 0. Calculated at 11 yuan/square meter, the production cost will be saved by 6million yuan. The project uses 10000 tons of lime waste sand, reducing the stacking area and reducing the environmental protection fee by 10 per cent annually. "Metamaterials" refers to artificial composite structures or composite materials with extraordinary physical properties that natural materials do not have, amounting to 10000 yuan

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