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Jinjing group pays attention to the health and safety of "living" and "traveling"

Jinjing group is a group company mainly engaged in the production and sales of glass and deep-processing products, soda ash and deep-processing products. After the adjustment of enterprise business in recent years, a whole industry chain has been formed based on glass and extended to both ends of the industry chain. According to the different links of the industrial chain, we have divided the core business mainly focusing on the production of glass flakes and soda ash and the strategic business mainly focusing on energy-saving coated glass, deeply processed glass, fireproof glass, locomotive glass, baking soda, detergent, etc. In terms of core business, efforts should be made to save energy, reduce consumption and tap internal potential to ensure the sustained, stable and healthy development of core business; In terms of strategic business, increasing investment in scientific research and development, expanding market application space, improving product added value, and ensuring that the spring testing machine on the market now in the strategic industry is a strong afterforce for the development of Jinan Huaheng Experimental Equipment Co., Ltd. to produce spring testing machine. The goal of the enterprise is to ultimately realize the health of people living and walking

facing the new era, the new normal and the new economy, Jin Jing firmly believes that there are only enterprises of the times, not enterprises that will succeed forever. In recent years, facing the current market environment, Jinjing has focused on the construction of transformation and upgrading projects to achieve the Trinity development pattern of "stable growth, structural adjustment and environmental protection" of the group. Jinjing and PGW company of the United States jointly build an annual output of 2million sets of car windows and windshield projects; A joint venture with a Beijing company to build a fire-proof glass project; The country's leading fully automated sponge silicon fireproof glass production line has been put into operation in Zibo factory; Invest 100million yuan to complete the technological transformation and upgrading of the domestic leading ultra white glass production line; Investment 1. 0.5 billion yuan for desulfurization, denitration and dust removal of flue gas from the production line. At present, the glass business of Jinjing group has initially formed "four glass families", namely, fashion glass family, energy-saving glass family, automotive glass family and safety glass family. Jinjing is making every effort to build a functional glass base in China

I. Development Status of building materials industry

in recent years, the external market environment has been ups and downs, and Jin Jing has also learned a lot in the process of growth

first, direction is more important than effort. The market environment is unpredictable, especially in the transformation and adjustment period of national policies and industrial structure, enterprises must grasp the "steering wheel". The development of enterprises should closely follow the guidance of national policies. If we do things in line with the trend, the probability of success of enterprises will be large and the development of enterprises will be fast. At present, we should deeply understand the connotation and intention of the national economic development of "double goals, double combinations, and double engines", capture the new business opportunities brought by the national strategy of the "the Belt and Road", and make good use of the new opportunities of the national iron fist to control pollution and force the industry to reshuffle. In short, doing business is like traveling. You can have different speeds, but first of all, you should clarify the direction. Without direction, speed loses its meaning, so direction is always more important than speed

second, those who get talent win the world. In our core values of Jinjing, it is clearly pointed out that the development of the enterprise depends on the self-improvement of the enterprise, and it is also clearly pointed out that only when Jinjing becomes a self-improvement of the striver will it benefit. The reason for this is that we have deeply realized the truth of "those who get talent win the world". In terms of talent team training, we have always adopted the method of "borrowing brain, buying brain and cultivating brain". Within the scope of strategic business, we have a global perspective, cooperate with benchmarking enterprises, scientific research institutions and colleges and universities at different levels, attract talents with projects, and cultivate talents with projects, which has achieved good results in recent years

II. Specific measures for the transformation and upgrading of the group under the new normal

the overall development idea of Jinjing group in 2015 is: take the operating customers as the center, take the rate of return of shareholders as the traction, and take the self-improvement striver as the foundation, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all aspects, vertical collaboration, horizontal alliance, terminal traction, enlarge the respective advantages and superimposed advantages of the industrial chain, To achieve the goal of net asset profit margin of each business segment and subsidiary companies with the greatest ability, and create a new competitive advantage of Jinjing in the new era

as an enterprise in the whole industrial chain from raw materials to deep-processing products, Jinjing group has unique advantages. We will continue to give full play to the two advantages of industrial chain differentiation and product combination to achieve a major breakthrough in the value-added of the whole industrial chain

the differentiation of each unit in the industrial chain is rapidly formed and amplified. At present, we have carried out differentiated positioning for various production areas and production lines, and through the cooperation of sales and supply, we have transformed the differentiated positioning into differentiated competitive advantage and rapidly amplified it

create product portfolio advantages of the whole industrial chain. Through the adjustment of product structure over the past few years, some products in core business and strategic business have high gross profit margin and strong competitiveness. We will set up a leading group and office of the whole industrial chain to study and formulate a collaborative mechanism, introduce feasible methods for value-added sharing of the industrial chain, and do a good job in the delicate operation of the whole industrial chain. It is better to make partial sacrifices for the products on the low value-added chain temporarily, but also to let overlord assets accelerate the amplification of advantages and give play to greater benefits, and then let high value-added products make high profits and grow quickly, feed back the whole industrial chain, and create a new trump brand at the same time, so as to promote a major breakthrough in the value-added of the whole industry. We should strengthen technological research and development and arrange special personnel to study, design and develop composite products. Through intelligence injection, we should improve the added value of products, enlarge the advantages of peanut shell resources in the industrial chain, especially the complementary advantages, strive to pursue finished products and customer termination, and expand the new market space where products should have high chemical stability through innovation

III. suggestions and measures

first, promote the health of people's "living". With the efforts of Jin Jing, Shandong Province took the lead in issuing the "opinions on accelerating the promotion and application of low radiation coated glass" nationwide in 2013, aiming to improve people's living environment through government regulations and achieve social energy conservation and emission reduction. We suggest: on the one hand, the country will continue to vigorously encourage and promote the energy-saving transformation of existing buildings. We have calculated an account. Taking the reconstruction and replacement of Low-E energy-saving glass and whole windows in existing buildings in Shandong Province as an example, 10% of the reconstruction will be carried out every year, and all the reconstruction will be completed in 10 years. This speed can be achieved. If the financial system at all levels can provide 10-year interest free loans for the transformation, the cost of residents saving heating in winter and cooling in summer can offset the cost of the transformation within 10 years. According to the different single silver, double silver and three silver energy-saving glasses used, Shandong Province can save 500 ~ 1.5 billion kwh of electricity every year, and Shandong Province can reduce the emission of 10 ~ 13 million tons of carbon dioxide every year. On the other hand, in the future, new buildings will vigorously promote green buildings represented by passive houses, and the development of green buildings will be included in the national "13th five year plan". The most direct feeling of "living" health is that the temperature of the room is always stable at 20~26 ℃, the humidity is maintained at 40%~65%, and the carbon dioxide concentration is always less than 1000ppm. "Passive housing" is more than 92% more energy-efficient than traditional buildings. For a family, it is almost zero energy consumption. At the same time, the energy-saving transformation of existing buildings and the promotion of green buildings can not only add a green city card to China, but also speed up the industrial upgrading of the glass industry. Therefore, we should continue to promote the national building energy-saving transformation and promote green buildings, which contains the social account of energy conservation, the economic account of benefiting the people, and the ecological account of reducing carbon emissions

second, promote the health of the people. At present, the number of cars, locomotives and ships is increasing, and the energy conservation of transportation has also become an important social problem. Maintaining a constant and comfortable temperature in the carriage is inseparable from the energy-saving door and window glass of the vehicle. We suggest that energy-saving glasses should be used for the front and rear windshields, side windows, skylights and other supporting glasses of the vehicle, so as to reduce the fuel consumption of the vehicle to control the temperature and reduce the exhaust emissions of the vehicle

third, the development of low radiation coated glass, fire-proof glass and accelerating the energy-saving transformation of buildings will be included in the national "13th five year plan" development plan

in the new era, the new normal, the new economy, the depth of change, the speed of change, and the magnitude of change are unprecedented, which will inevitably lead to the subversion of a series of business concepts and business rules, will accelerate the major reshuffle of the industry, and will force enterprises to rely more on innovation to adjust and change themselves. Facing the changeable external environment, only by "looking at the essence, seizing opportunities and seeking breakthroughs in the process of change", under the common threat of the external environment, can enterprises seek opportunities in the midst of danger, turn danger into opportunity and realize leapfrog development

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