The hottest Jinjing technology plummeted, fled and

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Jinjing technology plummeted and fled to fight CSG

let businesses look forward to rising mentality today, and enhance their financial management weekly published an article by Wang Xiaojing, "Jinjing technology soared with mystery, and Guojin securities was accused of being a" rat warehouse ". From the content of Article 2, double barreled, the author questioned the rise of Jinjing technology, and had the motivation to blame others. This article is aimed at jinjingke 4 Loading at the speed of (250 ± 50) n/s until the specimen failure technology, from routine experiments to the development and research of new materials, is still Guojin securities, which still needs readers to identify by themselves

affected by this news, Jinjing technology fell sharply, while another glass stock, CSG a, was extremely active. The chips hyping new energy concept stocks may escape Jinjing technology and move to CSG a

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