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Jinjing glass: after actively participating in the application of the affordable housing procurement platform

on September 19, Wen Linfeng, deputy director of the housing industrialization promotion center of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, attended the "affordable housing platform face-to-face" activity jointly organized by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and Sina Real Estate (if micro can't, it will lead to the instability of the leading flow), and made comments on how enterprises settle in affordable housing materials and housing procurement information 2 The selection of temperature range is explained in detail on the current platform. At the meeting, jiangxinhua, general manager of Shandong Jinjing energy-saving glass Co., Ltd., said that the construction of affordable housing should design the door and strictly regulate the participating enterprises

Jiang Xinhua said that Jinjing glass has actively participated in the application of the affordable housing procurement platform and is waiting for the final approval. From the perspective of enterprises, it is very conducive to the construction of affordable housing to directly deal with users through this platform. Jiang Xinhua also pointed out that affordable housing is a specific project, which involves the national economy and the people's livelihood. The government should play a more important and active role in it, especially in the project procurement link. The launch of the unified procurement platform for affordable housing will help regulate the participation of small and medium-sized real estate enterprises in the construction of affordable housing and ensure the construction quality from the source

Jiang Xinhua also said that thresholds and standards should be set for the construction of affordable housing. For example, government agencies and industry-leading enterprises should jointly formulate new standards suitable for affordable housing, such as exterior walls, doors and windows and other industries. Unified standards can be adopted to restrict the purchase of unqualified building materials products. There should not be many participants in the construction of affordable housing, and it should be a leading enterprise in this industry. This kind of company will put the society in the lead. More importantly, it has strength, and this kind of enterprise is more suitable to participate in the construction of affordable housing

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