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on the afternoon of August 3, Sheraton Pacific Hotel, Hongqiao, Shanghai was ablaze with lights, and a symposium on Jinjing green strategic cooperation and Low-E energy-saving series products with the theme of "gathering, win-win, change and navigation" was held here

it is understood that this product seminar, hosted by Jinjing (Group) Co., Ltd., is the third appearance of Jinjing energy-saving series product promotion activities, which was successfully held in Jinan and Beijing in the early stage. More than 200 guests, including leaders of domestic government agencies and glass associations, well-known designers and architects at home and abroad, important doors and windows, curtain wall companies, real estate developers, processing enterprises and economic and trade enterprises in the region, are believed to be worried about post-sale problems and end customers, to participate in the seminar to discuss the application and development of energy-saving glass products

in the environment of increasing national support for building energy-saving products, Jinjing grandly launched Low-E series of energy-saving glass products, which aims to show that under the guidance of the strategic idea of "prospering the enterprise with wisdom and prospering the world with green", Jinjing is using smart thinking to explore the road of innovation, low-carbon and green development. Wang Gang, chairman of Jinjing group, introduced the group's green strategy, strategic business focusing on energy saving and solar glass, high-end technology, internationally advanced Low-E energy-saving glass system products and diversified combinations, and system solutions to meet personalized customization. He released his three suggestions on promoting building energy conservation put forward at the National People's Congress, and pointed out that energy-saving products have very broad prospects. In the future, the use of energy-saving products in the construction industry is the general trend, saying that Jinjing will continue to develop and produce first-class energy-saving products, repay the society and benefit more people

Zhao Luxing, director of the real estate department of the policy research center of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development of China, interpreted the national regulations and documents on energy conservation and emission reduction, and made an in-depth analysis of the development trend of building energy conservation, pointing out that the application prospect of green materials is very broad. It is believed that with the continuous improvement of local laws and regulations and the strengthening of people's awareness of energy conservation and emission reduction, the development of green energy-saving materials will usher in a better tomorrow

China attaches importance to the development of green buildings. What is the current situation and trend of global green buildings? With the continuous deepening of the use of aluminum alloy in the field of automotive lightweight, Liu Wenbo, vice president of Li Consulting Co., Ltd., explained the current situation of green building in the world. Green building has received worldwide attention, and green environmental protection products have a very broad market prospect

how to choose energy-saving glass products for future energy-saving buildings? In response to this problem, Dr. Ji Yalin, an expert of Jinjing group, introduced and analyzed in detail the energy-saving principle of energy-saving products, the characteristics of six series of products such as Jinjing, offline, double silver and three silver, as well as the system solutions of Jinjing energy-saving glass, so that everyone can not only understand energy-saving products, but also get a fuller understanding of the application of green building glass in the future. Jinjing is not only a provider of energy-saving products, but also a provider of solutions to the use problems of energy-saving glass. It shows the good image of Jinjing and has been widely praised by the guests present

the use of energy-saving products is the general trend, and the quality is often widely concerned. How to be widely concerned by insiders. Liu Zhifu, director of the National Glass Quality Supervision and inspection center, announced the Low-E glass quality inspection report. Various data show that Jinjing's energy-saving products are first-class in China. Jeffrey s. yigdall, director of engineering and international business of PPG company in the United States, shared with you the hot topic of the application trend of energy-saving new materials in the experimental time of building LCD, which made you more confident that energy-saving products will become the new favorite of building materials in the future

subsequently, Jinjing group held a grand signing ceremony with PPG Industrial Company of the United States. As an important strategic partner of Jinjing, PPG company will provide guidance on Sanyin Low-E energy-saving technology in the future. Sanyin Low-E glass, as the most effective energy-saving product at present, will provide a strong guarantee for Jinjing building energy-saving solutions

the small panel control system is to make the equipment work efficiently.

the highlight of the whole energy-saving product seminar is the unveiling ceremony of Jinjing Low-E series new products. The main guests and leaders of Jinjing group jointly unveil the new products. Jinjing Low-E series new products are officially introduced to you, which not only marks the addition of a new member of Jinjing functional glass family, but also a solid step in the development of green materials. It is closer to the corporate vision of "providing society with more advanced green materials, more economical green buildings, more efficient green energy, and continuously improving the quality of human life"

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