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Jinjiang Huafu 20000 ton PU resin project was put into operation in the middle of the year

on April 30, the completion ceremony of Jinjiang Huafu 20000 ton polyurethane resin project was held in Ma'anshan Cihu economic development zone. The company said that the project is scheduled to be put into production in mid May

it is understood that the total investment of Jinjiang Huafu PU resin and antioxidant project is 5999 yuan. If the drive is not normal, then 10000 yuan. Relying on good geographical and technical advantages, the number of gears makes the size of components limited. After reaching the production capacity, an annual output of 20000 tons of polyurethane resin and 1000 tons of antioxidant will be formed

relevant personnel of the company said that the PU resin capacity of the company will reach 40000 tons after it is put into production

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