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Huawei 5g folding screen is available, and the 5g and flexible OLED industry chain is expected to benefit

on February 24, 2019, Barcelona, Huawei's first 5g folding screen Huawei mate X was released worldwide. It is the last hardware product unveiled at Huawei's new product launch, and it is also the product with the highest expectation. What is "amazing" is not only its high-end technology, but also its high price - it is the most expensive folding screen at present

according to Huawei's official number, this is the fastest 5g folding and the lightest folding in the world. In different scenarios, people often have different needs for use. When commuting, we pay attention to light and portable, while when office entertainment, we hope to have a screen as large as possible. This can change the screen size through folding state, and effectively carry out dual screen interaction

for example, in the folding screen, users can easily realize dual screen multi task interaction by directly dragging pictures or text to email attachments; It also supports multi window operation, watching videos and chatting at the same time, and entertainment and office. It can also realize image smart shooting and double screen preview. While shooting her girlfriend, she can see herself from the sub screen at the same time. When do you click the shutter? Let your girlfriend decide

huawei mate X has a thickness of only 5.4mm on one side of the fuselage; In the folded state, the thickness of the fuselage is only 11mm, realizing the balance of large screen and light and thin. Huawei mate x is equipped with Huawei's strongest 5g multi-mode terminal chips - 7Nm Baron 5000 and Kirin 980 chips. It has an ultra-high speed experience, with a peak of 4.6 Gbps/s, and can download a 1g video in 3 seconds at the fastest

according to Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei consumer business, the price of this model is 2299 euros (about 17498 yuan), and it is expected to be sold in June this year

Samsung previously released the industry-leading mainstream folding screen smart Galaxy fold, which costs $1980 (about 13301 yuan), which is more expensive than the most expensive top iPhone. It will be launched on April 26. This pricing has made many people "sigh"

Eagle wing folding design realizes the perfect balance between science and technology and aesthetics

huawei mate x adopts a whole high-strength flexible OLED display. Through Eagle wing folding design, the two forms of + plate are combined into one. After unfolding, it is a very thin 8-inch flat plate with a thickness of only 5.4 mm, which is light and smart, and has a smooth side. When it is closed, it becomes a 6.6-inch dual screen with comfortable holding, and its exquisite figure shows its graceful style. The color of the fuselage is interstellar blue, which reproduces the brilliance of the starry sky and shows the elegant beauty of science and technology

the key of Eagle wing folding design is the adoption of Huawei's revolutionary hinge innovation technology. The hinge system can seamlessly support the screen and fold. It is perfect without trace after unfolding, and closely and seamlessly fits when closing. The two forms are perfectly switched, so that the overall design can achieve a perfect balance between technology and aesthetics

big screen, big world, 5g smart life new experience

huawei mate X has opened a new era of interaction. The innovative OLED flexible and comprehensive screen and unique Eagle wing folding design bring unprecedented human-computer interaction experience, making the perfect integration of large screen experience and lightweight portability

in the expanded state, Huawei mate x is an excellent mobile office and entertainment artifact. In different scenarios such as page browsing, reading, email viewing and writing, Huawei mate x can give people an immersive large screen experience. Not only that, the intelligent split screen function of Huawei mate X in the expanded state: the expanded large screen can be divided into two, and the required pictures can be directly dragged and dropped from the gallery during email, which is efficient and convenient

at the same time, Huawei mate x inherits the powerful image gene and advantages of Huawei flagship series. Equipped with a new generation of Leica lens, it combines front and rear photography, which complements the folding screen design. In addition, with the new generation of mirror shooting, photographers have been in the production of automated systems for many years. When shooting people, both sides can preview them in real time through the main and auxiliary screens. Grasp the composition and shoot more wonderful moments

in addition, the Huawei mate x power supply is integrated with the fingerprint key. In the rest screen state, the screen lights up instantly when the fingertip is pressed, and has been unlocked synchronously. Safe and fast, condensed in one key

5g + foldable

it only takes 3 seconds to download a G movie

5g has become the biggest attraction at this MWC conference. Before Huawei, oppo took the lead in releasing its first 5g on the evening of February 23, and announced that it would officially launch it in the first half of this year; Xiaomi also released the 5g version of Xiaomi mix3 on the morning of February 24, priced at 599 euros. The 5g folding screen mate x launched by Huawei has pushed people's expectations for 5g to the climax

people's biggest expectation for 5g is "fast". At the press conference, Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei's consumer business, introduced that mate x is the fastest 5g in the world, with a peak download speed of 4.6gbps, and it takes only 3 seconds to download a movie of 1 g. This kind of fast charging is even reflected in charging. Mate x adopts super fast charging, which can fully charge 85% of the battery in 30 minutes

the appearance revolution brought by folding screen is also of great concern to people. Mate x adopts an 8-inch full screen, which is equivalent to a portable tablet when opened. It supports multi task collaborative operation between two screens. At the same time, it adopts Eagle wing folding, which can fold 0-180 degrees freely. At the same time, the thickness of the single side fuselage of 5.4mm ensures the comfort of folding. The experience brought by this folding screen is brand-new. For example, when taking photos, you can preview it in real time on both front and back screens (you don't have to worry about your boyfriend's photography technology anymore)

Huawei 5g technology masterpiece

such dazzling speed, appearance and configuration, Huawei mate x is not cheap. The price is 2299 euros, equivalent to 17498 yuan

the price of mate x is not only higher than the 599 Euro version of Xiaomi mix35g, but also more expensive than the 5g just launched by Samsung. According to reports, Samsung Electronics said on February 20 that the launch of the folding 5g smart Galaxy fold requires timely liquidation of the mold, with a starting price of US $1980 (equivalent to RMB 13288)

Huawei launched mate x at this time, which can be said to be a masterpiece of Huawei 5g technology

mate x is equipped with an 8-inch flexible foldable OLED display with a folding thickness of 11 mm. The processor used is a 7Nm Kirin 980 with a battery capacity of 4500 MAH, and supports 5g and dual card dual standby functions

unlike the Samsung Galaxy fold, mate x places the flexible screen on the outside. Under normal conditions, the user sees half of the screen, which is also an 18:9 vertical screen. If you need a larger screen, just turn it outward. Compared with the inward expansion of the Samsung Galaxy fold, it will not leave a gap in the middle when it is closed

in the folded state, the front of Huawei mate x is a 6.6-inch screen with a resolution of 2480 × 1148,19.5:9。 The back screen is 6.38 inches, with a resolution of 2480 × 892, scale 25:9. When fully expanded, the screen is 8 inches, and the resolution reaches 2480 × 2200,8:7.1。

after the Huawei mate x screen is expanded, there is no gap in the screen, neither holes nor bangs. The fingerprint and the power key are combined into one and located in the border

Huawei: it took three years to achieve the "seamless" folding screen.

according to Yu Chengdong, President of Huawei consumer BG business, Huawei mate x adopts the eagle wing folding design, realizes the folding form through Huawei's self-developed hinge technology, and combines the two forms of + plate into one. After unfolding, it is an 8-inch flat plate with a thickness of only 5.4 mm, and when closed, it becomes a 6.6-inch dual screen

at the same time, Huawei mate x is also a 5g, which is equipped with the industry's first 7Nm 5g multi-mode terminal chip - Balong 5000. A single chip supports 2G, 3G, 4G and 5g network formats, and the theoretical peak download rate can reach the fastest 4.6gbps in the industry. Yu Chengdong, for example, said that 1GB movies can be downloaded in three seconds. In addition, the company takes the lead in realizing the sustainable development of SA and NSA groups with low-carbon support. When operators switch to sa groups, there is no need to change machines when the batch is large. In terms of price, Huawei mate x8gb + 512gb is 2299 euros (about 17506 yuan), which will be sold in June this year

in this regard, Yu Chengdong said:

"Huawei mate x subverts its inherent form. It is a new species that integrates 5g, collapsible screen, AI, future interaction and other cutting-edge black technologies. It will become the leading super key for consumers to open 5g smart life."

outside the press conference, some media asked Yu Chengdong: is the price of this 17500 yuan reasonable

Yu Chengdong replied with a smile, "I don't know, what do you think? After all, I haven't done it before"

previously, Yu Chengdong revealed that the chain of mate x alone has as many as 100 parts, and it took engineers three years to achieve "seamless"

however, Huawei mate x is not the first folding screen in the industry. As early as February 21, Samsung took the lead in releasing Samsung Galaxy S10 series (including S10 5g version) and folding screen Galaxy fold at the press conference in San Francisco, USA, taking the lead in grabbing the limelight of 5g and folding screens

in fact, the design of Huawei mate X and Galaxy fold are two completely different technical trends, in addition to the new high price of both. In terms of appearance, Galaxy fold adopts a "inward folding method" different from Huawei mate X's valgus design, and adopts an airtight hinge structure. In the folded state, it is a 4.6-inch small screen. After it is expanded, the entire inner side becomes a 7.3-inch special-shaped screen

however, unlike tablets, Galaxy fold has enhanced multitasking capabilities, multiple active windows that can support up to three applications at the same time, and application continuity that seamlessly converts applications from smaller displays to larger displays. In addition, Samsung has partnered with Google, which will optimize the Android system for its collapsible screen. The product, priced at US $1980 (about 13377 yuan), will be officially launched worldwide on April 26

in the view of Jia Mo, an analyst at canalys, from a design point of view, whether it is varus, valgus or double screen display, it is a good solution for folding screens at this stage. However, both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Samsung needs two screens to realize it. Huawei's durability through valgus is also of great concern. However, as more manufacturers release their own folding screen products, we will see a variety of solutions in the future, which will inject very new elements and challenges into the step-by-step intelligent design over the years

in addition, unlike Huawei mate x, which has 5g functions, Samsung has released S10 5g products separately, but it is a pity that its launch time is not clear. It is reported that Samsung will take the lead in launching the Verizon version in the second quarter of this year, and at & T, sprint and T-Mobile versions will also be launched this summer. It is expected that the price of the 128GB version of this model will be as high as $1000 (about 6800 yuan)

as a new form of intelligent folding screen undoubtedly has great prospects. Most institutions believe that 2019 will be the first year of flexible screen. Strategy analytics, a market research firm, predicts that the volume of foldable shipments is expected to reach 700000 units in 2019, and is expected to reach 30.4 million units and 50.1 million units in 2021 and 2023, respectively

however, compared with ordinary ones, the price of folding screen is very expensive. In addition, folding screen still faces great problems in cover plate, hinge, touch control, software matching and other aspects. According to daily economic news, oppo was originally planned to

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