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Huawei 2015 wireless network construction and operation summit was held in Beijing

ctiforum on November 20 (Li Wenjie): the 2015 wireless network construction and operation Summit for venues and buildings hosted by Huawei, the world's leading information and communication solutions provider, was successfully held in Beijing on November 10. The conference attracted more than 500 guests from architectural design, venues, hotels, intelligent buildings and other industries all over the country to discuss the development trend and industry practice of wireless network construction and operation. As a hot topic of the conference, wireless network security received strong attention from the participants. Huawei showed the most designed rocker hammer impact tester, and the new enterprise wireless security solution was also widely recognized

according to the CTO enterprise information security investigation report, nearly 50% of enterprises have experienced network security incidents, and only 15% of enterprises think they are capable of preventing them; More than 90% of enterprises rely on Internet to carry out business, but more than 45% of enterprises have had information security accidents. With the rapid development of wireless networks, byod has become a trend. Corporate Wi Fi access has also brought new security problems: ignoring permission management, insufficient threat defense, important data leakage, and poor online experience. Relying on its deep accumulation in the field of security and industry-leading products and technologies, Huawei can build a secure protection system for enterprise wireless networks. With usg6000 next-generation firewall products as the core, Huawei has established a complete defense system in four levels: access security, end-to-end encryption, threat defense, and behavior management to ensure the security of enterprise wireless networks. Jiaochengwei, product director of Huawei's switch and enterprise communication product line, confidently introduced

Jiao Chengwei, product director of Huawei's switch and enterprise communication product line, showed Huawei's wireless security solution on the spot

in terms of access security, the solution can manage and authenticate access users, AP devices and VPN customs, and prevent illegal users and counterfeit devices from accessing. At the end-to-end encryption level, the scheme encrypts the data transmitted in the public domain through rich VPN algorithms and high-performance software and hardware design to ensure its integrity and confidentiality. At the same time, the unique intelligent routing technology is used to enhance the stability and use experience of VPN business. In terms of threat defense, the usg6000 next generation firewall, as the core of the scheme, integrates nine professional protection capabilities to comprehensively protect the core network of the enterprise. At the level of behavior management: the scheme provides control means based on applications, users and stations, optimizes the experience, audits and prevents employees' violations

with multi-level protection and simple management means, Huawei's wireless security solutions for food packaging are the most widely used in various industries. In Latin America's largest public wireless network project, Huawei's wireless security scheme was successfully deployed to 20000 rural sites in a short time to help the Mexican government safely provide free wireless services to the general public. During the 2015 World Championships, the plan also ensured the normal progress of the event. Mr. Li Xiang, director of technical support of the Organizing Committee of the 2015 World Athletics Championships, particularly mentioned when sharing the case of Gaomi Wi Fi Construction: our requirement is that 90000 people can access all within 5 minutes. At the same time, we also need to ensure core access and wireless access. Wireless needs to include internal local applications, such as wireless printing; It is also necessary to ensure the security performance, firewall, certification system and interconnection, which can reduce the emissions of CO2 and SO2 by more than 64 million tons in China

more and more enterprises and institutions have deployed or are preparing to deploy wireless networks. While enjoying the convenience brought by wireless, wireless network security has become a rigid demand for enterprise IT construction. Huawei wireless security solutions provide end-to-end comprehensive protection from the generation of wireless data to the entire life cycle of entering the production system. Jiao Chengwei said: the application of wireless technology has brought infinite vitality to enterprises, but the stable and sustainable development of enterprises is inseparable from safety. I'm glad to see that more and more customers choose Huawei's wireless security solutions. Huawei will continue to work hard to provide enterprises with the best security products and solutions with a width of 15mm

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