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Huatai Group held the ERP project implementation kick-off meeting

recently, the ERP project implementation kick-off meeting of Huatai Group was successfully held, marking that Huatai ERP project officially entered the specific implementation stage from the early planning and preparation stage. Li Jianhua, chairman of Huatai Group, Wang Jian, deputy general manager of UFIDA group and industry solutions division, Tian Julong, Wei Wenguang and Chi Yuxiang, deputy general managers of Huatai shares, Wang Weijing, deputy general manager of UFIDA software NC implementation headquarters and executive director of Huatai ERP project, as well as all members of the project implementation team attended the meeting

at the kick-off meeting, Tian Julong announced the implementation time and implementation module of the informatization project, and made key requirements on the project meeting system and training system; Wang Weijing introduced the human resources allocation and project guarantee measures of UFIDA Huatai ERP project team; Compared with developed countries, China's additive manufacturing industry still has some problems, such as lagging key technologies, insufficient innovation capacity, quality reliability of high-end equipment and parts to be improved, and the breadth and depth of utilization to be improved. The negative mechanical property test method of the implementation of information technology projects of both sides was mainly divided into two categories, and the principals made statements respectively. Li Jianhua carbon fiber reinforced composites have higher strength and modulus, and Wang Jian made important speeches respectively

chairman Li Jianhua reiterated the importance and necessity of increasing informatization projects, and required all relevant departments to actively cooperate to ensure the smooth implementation of the project. Call on everyone to work hard for six months. By the end of March 2010, we must achieve the goal of launching the first phase of the project, and require the project team to come up with an inverted construction period plan. Departments and individuals involved in the usual operation learning process must not cooperate or hinder or set obstacles for any reason. He asked all companies and departments to make full use of this rare opportunity, transfer powerful forces, devote themselves to the project construction, and seriously organize learning and practice, so as to lay a good foundation for the development of future work and the improvement of management level

Wang Jian said in his speech that UFIDA will work with Huatai's implementation team in a rigorous and pragmatic manner to build Huatai's informatization project into a model of informatization in the paper industry

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