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Huatai Group was listed in the brand image list of "Houdao Lushang"

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core tip: on July 6, it was hosted by Shandong provincial "Houdao Lushang" initiative Steering Committee, Shandong Provincial Houdao Lushang Promotion Association In order to make this thin material more suitable for clothes, the release ceremony of Shandong Province "Houdao Shandong merchants" brand image list organized by Shandong Radio and television station was held in Jinan. This is the first time that Shandong Province has released the brand image list of "Houdao Lushang", with 110 enterprises including Huatai Group on the list

[China Packaging News] on July 6, the release ceremony of the brand image list of Shandong "Houdao Shandong merchants" was held in Jinan, hosted by the Shandong provincial "Houdao Shandong merchants" initiative Steering Committee and organized by Shandong Provincial Houdao Shandong merchants Promotion Association and Shandong Radio and television station. This is the first time that Shandong Province has released the brand image list of "Houdao Lushang", with 110 enterprises including Huatai Group on the list

for the achievements of Huatai Group, the committee gave a high evaluation of "bearing morality and caring for family and country". Praising Huatai Group and other enterprises: "they are important promoters of China's modernization, leading the development of the industry through independent innovation, setting big goals, doing big undertakings, caring for the people and things, and helping the world at the same time; they shoulder the heavy responsibility of rejuvenating the national economy and national industry and commerce, and adults reach themselves and serve the country; they have the world in their hearts and the future on their shoulders."

over the years, Huatai Group has increased by 39.7% compared with us $15.887 million in the same period last year. Therefore, it can maintain harmonious, stable, high-speed and healthy development and become the most influential brand in China's paper industry. The fundamental reason is that Huatai Group has cultivated an enterprise culture rooted in "kindness", formed an enterprise spirit with "being honest, doing loud and clear things" as the code of conduct, and "dedication, hard work, never satisfied" as the enterprise spirit, It is an enterprise culture system with the business philosophy of "honesty and trustworthiness, benefit sharing" and the ultimate goal of benefiting the country, the people and the industry

in the process of development, Huatai Group took "sharing the worries of the country and solving the difficulties of the government" as its bounden duty, took over many enterprises facing bankruptcy, and undertook specific adjustment methods: first, it started the experimental oil pump to bear more than 300 million yuan of bank debt; Invest 600million yuan to build railway, ending the history of Guangrao County without railway; It has invested 2billion yuan to support municipal construction, and built the Yellow River International Convention and Exhibition Center, Guangrao gymnasium, exhibition hall and other projects. The company regards "helping the weak and helping the poor" as the duty of the enterprise, sends support funds to the troubled woodwork factory and helps the employees obtain employment, expands the welfare toilet paper factory, accepts 100 disabled people for employment, paves roads and bridges for the people, supports the construction of new rural areas, donates funds to help students and other accumulated donations of more than 80 million yuan, which has driven the development of local economy. Only with kindness can we start our business. Huatai Group has gained loyalty and trust inside and outside the company with its sincere service to customers, considerate care for employees, and selfless dedication to the society, condensed everyone's strength, forged the invincible strong cohesion and combat effectiveness of Huatai Group, formed an unbreakable core competitiveness, and provided continuous momentum for the rapid growth and leapfrog development of Huatai Group

the company has been awarded "national advanced grassroots party organization for excellence" by the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and "national advanced enterprise for employment" by the State Council. For 13 consecutive years, the company has won the "pioneer of workers", "National May Day Labor Award", "national excellent enterprise in Ideological and political work", "enterprise of meritorious service in Shandong Province for 30 years of reform and opening up", the first "quality award for governor of Shandong Province" "Provincial advanced unit of civilized management", "first prize of enterprise cultural achievements in Shandong Province", "AAA credit enterprise of Shandong Province guided by policies" and many other honors. In 2016, Huatai Group achieved sales revenue of 66.7 billion yuan and profit and tax of 6.565 billion yuan, ranking 227 among the top 500 Chinese enterprises

about Huatai

Huatai Co., Ltd. is one of the top 100 global pulp and paper enterprises, the top 10 enterprises in China's light industry and paper industry, and the top 100 listed enterprises in China. It has the world's largest paper production base and the country's largest chlor alkali chemical base. The company has always adhered to the concept of survival by quality and development by reputation. With excellent product quality and high-quality service, it has constantly consolidated and expanded the market, established Huatai brand, and strived to create international famous brands, which has promoted the rapid development of the enterprise. As early as 2014, Huatai Co., Ltd. stood out among 42 enterprises nationwide, and was rated as a national industrial brand cultivation demonstration enterprise by the Ministry of industry and information technology. The "Huatai" brand won the honors of "China's industry landmark brand" and "China's most valuable trademark"; The company's products have been rated as "national inspection exemption for product quality" and "Shandong famous brand products" for many years, and have won the honorary title of "product quality award" issued by Shandong provincial government

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