The hottest Huatong won the title of 2008 Wenzhou

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On October 28, Wenzhou Enterprise Federation, Wenzhou entrepreneur association and Wenzhou industrial economy Federation held the award ceremony of "2008 Wenzhou top 100 enterprises" in the Great Hall of the people. Huatong Electromechanical group Co., Ltd. won the title of Wenzhou top 100 again and ranked at the top of the list

the 2008 Wenzhou top 100 enterprises selection activity is based on the deployment of the China Enterprise Federation, the China Entrepreneur Association and the Zhejiang entrepreneur association, according to the principle of territorial statistics, and based on the domestic sales of enterprises in Wenzhou in 2007. 4. Automatic calibration: the system can automatically realize the calibration of indication accuracy Based on the income (or operating income) sold in Changzhou Binjiang chemical industry park, the 2008 top 100 enterprises in Wenzhou were selected to encourage Wenzhou enterprises to develop the headquarters economy, become stronger, bigger, better and longer, improve their market competitiveness, and promote their integration with the world. The picture shows Huang Xianfu, vice chairman of the group (left "Meador inspected one) at the award ceremony

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