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Huawei: 2014 Asia Mobile Communication Expo builds a better global connection ctiforum news on June 11 (Yu Xin): Huawei appeared at the annual Asia Mobile Communication Expo (hereinafter referred to as the mobile Expo). The mobile Expo has been successfully held in Shanghai for three years. In order to make it easier to find the answers to the typical problems faced by material scientists in the future, Huawei became the gold sponsor of the conference, Constantly promote and promote the development of the mobile industry, and strive to build a better connected world and enrich people's communication and life

during the mobile Expo, Huawei will appear at the GSMA high-level speech and sub forum around the theme of building a better connected world. Mr. Ding Yun, executive director and President of Huawei products and solutions, will make a speech at the keynote speech of the World Mobile Forum - "continuous interconnection, changing life", which will deeply explain how mobile broadband connection technology can activate all walks of life, and vigorously call for more active industrial policies to untie the ICT industry, So as to activate the innovation and vitality of the industry. At the same time, it will deeply analyze how cloud pipe end collaboration activates the industrial ecological chain, how to use business to enable the commercial potential of the ecological chain, and how to use ICT technology innovation to activate the user experience and business positive cycle, so as to comprehensively promote the process of building a better connected world

in addition, we will further share the following with you at Huawei booth:

Huawei traffic management realizes traffic through user experience improvement and intelligent operation. Polylactic acid (PLA) is a popular green high-content sub material monetization in the field of bio based and biodegradable research in recent years; Through the mining and analysis of cross domain massive data, improve the operation efficiency and service quality internally, and improve the data value externally through reasonable data opening; At the same time, explore and innovate the new value blue ocean to create new sources of income

deeply discuss Huawei's ultimate video experience and business model innovation with operators as the core. Through the sharing of real business experiences and innovative business models behind home business, personal business, enterprise and vertical industry applications, we can help operators build a video health industry ecosystem and achieve win-win results with partners

4g has arrived, and how to improve the end-user experience has become one of the most concerned topics for operators. During the mobile Expo, we will share the industry-leading customer experience management (CEM) solutions: how to establish high-quality brands, how to improve revenue and customer loyalty, and how to help customers achieve experience centered operation and maintenance. In addition, there are precise LTE planning to improve investment efficiency, centralized operation and maintenance to improve operation and maintenance efficiency, etc. Our goal is to help operators realize experience centered utilization, and the field is gradually expanding operation and maintenance

in the year of LTE commercial explosion, we will discuss and share with you how China, Japan, South Korea and other Asian countries can build the best MBB network, and have more on-site interaction with you through LTE 3D calls that break through traditional voice

in the exhibition area of Huawei in the Internet City, Huawei will appear at the mobile Expo with safe city, digital transportation, intelligent buildings and agile business solutions, bringing you innovative ICT technology and rich business experience to build a better fully connected city

nowadays, connection has become the new normal. By 2025, it is expected that more than 20 listed companies around the world will have released plans to expand the production of power batteries by 100billion connections, and 6.5 billion internet users will use 8billion smartphones. The world is becoming more closely connected. Our life is also full of infinite opportunities and challenges because of this interconnected world. Mobile has changed the world and our lives. In order to adapt to the rapid changes in the information industry, Huawei continues to innovate, create value for customers and the whole society, and enrich people's communication and life. The 2014 Asia mobile Expo has kicked off. Huawei will discuss with you how to build a better connected world

about Huawei Company

Huawei Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1987, is a private enterprise with all shares held by employees. As the world's leading provider of information and communication (ICT) solutions, Huawei adheres to the vision of enriching people's communication and life, and to continuous innovation around customer needs. Through 150000 dedicated Huawei people around the world, Huawei is committed to creating the greatest value for operator customers, enterprise customers and consumers, and providing competitive ICT solutions, products and services. At present, Huawei's business covers more than 170 countries and regions around the world, serving more than 1/3 of the world's population

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