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The new coal trading mode has high cost inefficiency and is highly sought after. The new coal trading mode has high cost inefficiency and is highly sought after. Introduction: the eight day 2013 annual coal trading conference has entered the closing stage, but the continuous special coal trading has been in full swing. On December 27, China (Taiyuan) coal trading center held a special coal and electricity joint venture transaction and a special road coal transaction in the province, A large number of registered enterprises from production, consumption and operation

the eight day 2013 annual coal trading conference came to an end, but the successive special coal trading sessions continued to climax. On December 27, China (Taiyuan) coal trading center held special coal and electricity joint ventures and special road coal trading sessions in the province, with a large number of registered traders from production, consumption and operation enterprises actively participating, Moreover, the company has expressed continuous interest in the new coal trading mode of spot trading

under this new trading mode, all parties entering the trading center can choose their own trading according to their own needs, and then take more than 200mm adhesive tape to paste the object on the polyester film, and adopt the forms of "one to one", "one to many" and "many to many", so as to find the goods with the best transportation flow more quickly and form the best price. Qujianwu, director of China (Taiyuan) coal trading center, introduced that under this trading mode, the main body of coal supply and demand can negotiate and negotiate directly through the electronic trading platform, which reduces some intermediate links under the traditional sales mode and saves the time cost of both parties

22 in the afternoon, the first special transaction of Shanshan coal international energy group attracted nearly 300 users from all over the country. 2. On the 4th day of automatic shutdown, it was observed in the chemical coal and metallurgical coal special fields of Yangquan coal group that most of the participants had been able to skillfully complete the transaction operation. A staff member of Yangquan Coal Group said: "the type and price of coal are linked through the trading platform. The buyer selects the order according to his own needs, and then the trading platform confirms to form a contract, which is safe, reliable, convenient and fast."

zhanglihua, director of fuel supply department of Guodian Changyuan Jingmen Thermal Power Plant, said that this method is safe, convenient and transparent. It is a comprehensive and multi-channel transaction form from transaction, purchase and sale to capital settlement and demand reflection. Chengjianping, general manager of the coal sales company of Shanxi Coking Coal Group, said that the spot trading of coal has saved human and material costs and improved efficiency

it is reported that during the trading conference, the trading platform will be open 24 hours a day to facilitate users' on-site registration and market entry and ensure the smooth signing of contracts

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