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There is a huge space for biodegradable plastics, a new chemical material. Shenyin Wanguo recently released a research report, pointing out that the global degradable plastics are gradually starting, and there is a huge space for the development of the industry in the future

degradable plastic refers to a kind of plastic whose properties can meet the use requirements, whose properties remain unchanged under normal use, but which can degrade into environmentally friendly substances under natural environmental conditions after use. The development of degradable plastics abroad began in the 1960s. With the enhancement of environmental protection awareness and the reduction of the cost of degradable plastics in various countries, degradable plastics may usher in a rapid development stage in the next few years

there is a wide demand and potential demand for degradable plastics in the world. The performance of degradable plastics is between polyethylene and polypropylene. Therefore, with the gradual improvement of global environmental awareness, degradable plastics will replace some downstream applications of these two plastics. It is assumed that by 2015, degradable plastics can replace 3% of the demand for traditional plastics of agricultural plastic products under the promotion of policies; Replace 4% of traditional plastic products for packaging; Assuming that the average annual growth rate of the plastics industry is 3%, the global total demand for degradable plastics will reach 4.4 million tons, and the CAGR in the next five years will reach 41% compared with the current world total capacity of about 800000 tons

environmental protection policies and cost reduction drive the degradable plastics industry forward spirally. Technological progress or policy support alone is not enough to promote the rapid growth of the degradable plastics industry. The two need to be combined. China's degradable plastics are expected to be the first to be popularized in special occasions such as tourist cities. At present, Chinese degradable plastics enterprises are mainly facing the international market. Jinfa technology and Xinfu pharmaceutical will become the global suppliers of degradable plastics that Zhongzhong Chuang special notes

Shenyin Wanguo proposed to increase its shareholding in Goldilocks. Company modification × 50 plastics continued to grow. With the gradual completion and operation of Kunshan, Tianjin and other bases, it is expected that the sales volume of modified plastics will increase by about 25% annually, and the target sales volume in 2015 will be million tons. Actively develop new products such as biodegradable plastics (PBSA), fine chemicals, high-performance synthetic resins, plastic wood materials, carbon fibers, etc. Degradable plastics are expected to take the lead in large-scale production. At present, the production capacity is 3000 tons, and the new production capacity of 20000 tons will soon be put into production; It is estimated that the target sales volume in 2015 will be 200000 tons, corresponding to the sales scale of 7billion yuan. It is suggested to increase the holding, with a target price of 25 yuan

Shenyin Wanguo also suggested that attention should be paid to the 22 points on the average landmark of Xinfu pharmaceutical's general adult shoes in four weeks. The main product of the company is d-Calcium pantothenate. In recent years, the company has developed new products such as fully biodegradable plastic (PBS), EVA solar cell adhesive film, PVB film, sucralose, etc. the company currently has a capacity of 3000 tons of PBS, and 10000 tons of capacity under construction will be put into production, which will become an important growth point of new business

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