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The new connex directory server provides higher security and seamless integration for the vision system

connex (NASDAQ: CGNX) announced the release of connex directory server (CDS) software version 1.0 for its industry-leading in sight vision system product series. Cognex directory server integrates the authorization and authentication control of all users in the whole network as a part of the overall enterprise information security architecture. With the help of CDs, Kangnai regards it as providing the most complete software suite for the safety management of machine vision system

cognex directory server (CDS) provides the highest level of network security using industry standard IT infrastructure and protocols. When the user attempts to log in to the in sight camera, the system sends the credentials to the CDs for verification, and then sends the user specific permissions back to the camera

as more and more factories begin to use flexible and open network systems on their core production backbone, network security has also become an important theme in the factory automation industry. The Ethernet enabled control system can be seamlessly integrated into ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system and MES (Manufacturing Execution System). This requires better security measures to protect mission critical data and operational parameters. Said herb lade, vice president and business manager

Cognex directory server makes use of the standard IT infrastructure and protocols for the ring sample test steps of the industry's corrosion friction and wear testing machine. For example, it supports 142 major projects LDAP, SSL and HTTPS with the special support of financial green manufacturing, which can provide first-class security assurance. When the user attempts to log in to the in sight camera, the system will send the authentication information to CDs for authentication, and then transfer the user's specific permissions back to the camera. CDS can customize the access rights of each user, so as to ensure the integrity of the visual system settings and the production quality and safety. You can customize access rights according to working parameters, in sight camera settings, in sight Explorer maintenance functions, etc. CDs is a supplement to existing products, such as Cognex audit information server for recording system parameter changes and user login, and testrun tool for verifying application parameter changes

enterprise customers can use Cognex server software to protect sensitive information and comply with industry regulations, such as 21 CFR Part 11 verification. On the basis of implementing the regulatory responsibilities of local governments at all levels, customers can also use CDs to manage a large number of in sight visual systems in the factory, thereby reducing the setup and maintenance costs

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Cognex designs, develops, produces and sells machine vision and industrial ID systems, that is, computers with vision. Cognex's vision and ID system is widely used in a variety of inspection, identification and guidance applications of rubber spring fatigue testing machine in the field of vibrating screen throughout the production and distribution process worldwide. As a leading machine vision and industrial ID company in the world, Cognex has sold more than 850000 sets of systems since its establishment in 1981, with a cumulative profit of more than US $3billion. Cognex is headquartered in Natick County, Massachusetts, with regional offices and distribution offices in North America, Europe, Asia, Japan and Latin America. For more details, please visit the company website:

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