The most popular new coating is sunscreen for urba

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The new coating is the "sunscreen" coating for urban buildings and clothing.

the new coating is the "sunscreen" coating for urban buildings and clothing.

20 move the experimental machine up and down several times without load on May 11, 2010.

[China coating information] brush "coating" on clothes, and you can be afraid of ultraviolet light when you wear it... Professor zhouninglin, a member of the Chinese society of materials and a member of the school of chemical science of Nanjing Normal University, recently made a speech at the "Jingwen forum" of the University, It shows us the "happy life" of "new material application". The glare of reflected light, the whitened cement wall... Summer is unbearable for urban people. Professor zhouninglin revealed that a new generation of multi-functional coating suitable for "changing the face" of urban building exterior walls has undergone accelerated aging test and is in trial production. She, who participated in the research and development, introduced that this new material has realized intelligent light conversion and nano thermal insulation. The life of stress change on the film test sample is extended by 2 times, and the thermal insulation performance is excellent, greatly reducing the energy consumption of "ice and fire" caused by overheating in summer and supercooling in winter. The application of new materials in the textile field is even more "amazing": it can save you n sunscreens in a summer! Professor Zhou introduced that her research and development team has recently developed a "coating" that can be used for textiles. The fabric treated with this coating can produce a triple shielding effect on ultraviolet light, can effectively absorb 300nm360nm ultraviolet light, especially UVA and UVB, and can emit red light. The production process of the clothes can be utilized for 10 points. It is widely used in automobile interior decoration strip, door handle, rear-view mirror, exterior decoration strip, bumper lower guard plate and other parts with green environmental protection and low energy consumption. It can not only greatly improve the UPF value (ultraviolet protection coefficient) by more than 10 times, but also the attenuation rate of UVA and UVB transmittance is more than 86%. Professor zhouninglin introduced that this magical coating can be widely used in almost all fabrics, such as ordinary clothing (shirts, T-Shirts, etc.), professional clothing (such as field work clothes), curtain tent cloth, sunshade hat, etc. she is very optimistic about the application prospect of this technology

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