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According to the news on July 24, 2014, Beijing Unicom recently launched a new 400 enterprise business package, which is divided into standard version and enhanced version. The long-distance call is integrated, and the 500 yuan package has 2500 minutes of call fee. The call fee per minute is cheaper than the personal call fee, and it is paid after use

launch a new package of 400 enterprise numbers

400 segment, that is, the number starting with 400, is a shared service between the caller and the callee, that is, the caller bears the local call access fee, and the callee bears all the call answering fees. At present, it has been widely used for pre-sales and after-sales service consultation in many industries

it is understood that a 400 number includes 10 digits, which is used to bind the original multiple numbers of the company. It is only necessary to publish the only 400 number in China for unified publicity and easy to remember. All incoming calls to the 400 switchboard number are transferred to the preset fixed line or call center dedicated line. 400 embodies the service consciousness of the enterprise and is a symbol of reputation and strength

in the past, a few large enterprises used 400 to maintain and improve their corporate image. With the continuous increase of call recording, voice mail, IVR and other functions in the 400, more and more enterprises choose to use the 400 to improve work efficiency and service quality, so as to obtain more effective customers

accordingly, Beijing Unicom launched a 400 business package for Beijing enterprises. Packages are divided into standard version and enhanced version. In the Standard Version, the 200 yuan standard package includes 500 minutes of incoming domestic call fees. The long-term market is integrated. The excess part is calculated at 0.18 yuan per minute. The 500 yuan package has 2500 minutes of call fees, and the excess part is 0.15 yuan per minute

in addition, the 400 enhanced version includes the 400 and the call center. The 4002 with powerful call center functions, when changing the indenter or anvil, such as IVR voice navigation, call recording, agent pop-up screen, CRM, statistical analysis and other functions. The incoming call fee is 0.2 yuan/minute, and the long-term market is one. In addition, there are multiple outbound call packages available. When outbound calls are made, the 400 number can be displayed: four levels from 60 yuan to 330 yuan. The maximum free domestic and foreign calls can be made for 4000 minutes. The price of the excess part is 0.15 yuan/minute

call recording data can even be retained for 3 months

at the same time, users can add other functions in addition to handling the package. For example, add functions, 30 yuan per month; Add seat function, 258 yuan per month, call recording data can be retained for 3 months, and the minutes of seat package can be accumulated and shared; IVR recording, 100 yuan each time

according to the staff of Beijing Unicom's business office, users can now open the 400 number and enjoy other services. For example, 400+ call center integrated services; 400 fully intelligent routing and transfer. Among them, 400 call statistics and hang up care are unique to Beijing Unicom because it is the only way to make unqualified products leave the factory and display 400 numbers for outbound calls. In addition, the opening steps are simple. Beijing Unicom can sign a contract directly. Users only need to select a number, sign a contract for payment and submit relevant materials to successfully build a large scale. In the direction of promoting the use of modern coal chemical industry to prepare these raw materials

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