The most popular new deal of Beijing Unicom's year

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At the end of the year, Beijing Unicom's new purchase policy was exposed, which greatly lowered the iPhone purchase threshold

iphone 6S has been listed for more than two months, but the purchase enthusiasm of fruit powder has not subsided, and the market is still very hot. Unicom's iphone6s has become the best-selling contract machine without accident. At the end of the year, Beijing Unicom took advantage of the trend to launch more preferential policies, further reducing the purchase threshold of iphone6s

it is understood that Beijing Unicom recently officially announced the new policy for year-end machine purchase, and launched a large-scale preferential activity of zero deposit, interest free and credit. Take apple as an example. If you buy iPhone 6s/6s plus with a credit card from Bank of China, China Merchants Bank, China Construction Bank, etc., you can enjoy up to 24 credit card installments + free service charge

from an account, if a user purchases a 16GB iPhone 6S with a 106 yuan package, he or she does not need to pay advance deposit or any interest. He or she only needs to repay more than 200 yuan a month. At the same time, he or she can use the 106 yuan package for free within two years. After years of development and rough calculation, the concrete pressure testing machine has saved nearly 1000 yuan of installment interest only in the past two years, plus 2500 yuan of telephone cost saved in the past two years. Users participating in the purchase activities can save at least 3000 yuan in two years. Compared with the purchase of contract machines from other operators or the direct purchase of bare metal machines, the price concessions offered by Beijing Unicom to users in this activity are quite large, and the preferential intensity is almost unprecedented

at the same time, the user can also receive 500 to 2000 minutes of call duration each month during the contract period. In addition, you can also choose to apply for a secondary card package for relatives and friends. The secondary card can share the voice and traffic in the primary card package. Local dialing between the primary and secondary cards is free. If there is broadband demand at home, users can also choose to add Unicom broadband, and they can enjoy a discount of up to 85% off the monthly broadband fee and telephone fee. The release of a series of preferential policies for users who are interested in purchasing iphone6s 1 In terms of debugging, the temptation is not great

there is a natural reason why the sales of Unicom's version of iphone6s is the best. Compared with the other two operators, the Unicom version of iphone6s not only supports China Unicom's fdd-lte network, but also fully supports the 4G network system of the three major operators, realizing the unique characteristics of dual 4G and dual 100m. It is also compatible with China Unicom's latest 4g+ technology, and the speed can reach 300mbps. Users eager to own iPhones must have very high requirements for speed. The high-speed and stable network provided by Unicom can give full play to the most powerful strength of iphone6s

according to the internal personnel of Unicom, after the launch of the activity of purchasing iPhone 6S with 0 interest and 0 down payment for credit card, the sales volume of iPhone 6S soared due to the very large margin of preference, and the supply of goods began to be stretched, and some popular models were almost sold out

for users who have no intention to purchase iphone6s, Beijing Unicom also takes into account. This activity is not only the iPhone 6S, but also many other star contract models have been included in this preferential activity of Beijing Unicom. 3 is a rare opportunity for the vast number of users who need to purchase

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