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The lump sum price of "488000, hardcover to move home", "669000, hardcover all in your home"... Such decoration company advertising words are flying all over the streets and streets of Wuhan and on buses. Can lump sum prices really save consumers money? After learning about Mr. Zhang's experience, the reporter found that there are many places to pay attention to in Wuhan's lump sum decoration. Authorities remind that the starting price of medium decoration of 100 square meters of new houses is at least 100000 yuan

case: "88000 lump sum" finally spent 130000

"I was trying to save trouble, but I got upset." Mr. Zhang, who works near Zhongnan road in Wuchang, bought a 127 square meter wedding house in a community on Jinying street, Jiangxia cultural Avenue. After the house was handed over last October, he began to look for a decoration company

soon, he came across a decoration company opening near the company, and there was a preferential activity: "my girlfriend and I had to work. For convenience, we signed a 'lump sum price' of 88000 yuan, and the contract stipulated that it would be completed before January 22, 2013."

when the project started, Mr. Zhang found that he had to pay a lot of extra money. For example, there were only 20 screws, and the other 40 needed to be paid; The complimentary kitchen cabinet is only 2 meters, while the actual kitchen cabinet is 3.5 meters. An additional 1 meter will be charged 1500 yuan; You have to pay your own money to build walls and bricks first; When it comes to projects such as wall base treatment, you have to spend extra money to level it... Now the cost has already exceeded 130000 yuan. "When designing the scheme, the other party doesn't mention the need for additional costs at all. If the quotation is high after the commencement, it is said that there is a measurement error. Many decoration outside the set area will have to pay extra." Mr. Zhang said that what makes people more angry is that the work will be stopped immediately if the additional money is not in place. In this way, during the bargaining, some projects frequently changed people and changed the design, and the construction period was seriously delayed. The wedding date in March was postponed to May Day, and now it had to be postponed again. After he complained to 12315, Wuhan industry and Commerce came forward to mediate, and the company promised to rework and rectify according to the original agreement

Mr. Zhang's experience is not unique. Statistics from Wuhan industry and commerce department show that since this year, hundreds of complaints from citizens about decoration have mainly focused on the non-stop increase of money in the late stage of ultra-low quotation; "Construction before payment" deception; Unlimited extension of construction period; Miscalculation of additional items and materials to replace the poor with the good. Among them, there were 26 complaints involving "lump sum price"

uncover secrets: various "add-on items" make it difficult to ride a tiger

the reporter visited more than 10 decoration companies in Wuhan, of which 6 have lump sum prices. The quotation of 100 square meters of decoration is lower than one another, and the lowest 48000 can be done. In some well-known companies, the quotation is generally higher. A well-known decoration company in the golden crown building on Macao Road in Hankou and a well-known decoration company in the Arc de Triomphe square on Xudong street all offered prices of about 110000 yuan, and made it clear that depending on the selection of main materials in the later stage, the prices varied greatly. Generally, this area is medium to upper decoration, and the budget is about 120000

"in fact, those ultra-low 'lump sum prices' that attract you can't really be lump sum." Xuyunhua, a small foreman who has been involved in the decoration industry in Wuhan for 15 years, said that after the home decoration company takes over the work, it usually gives the small foreman 10% profit points. At such a low price, if they want to make money, they can only rely on "additional items"

this industry term is specifically explained as "items not included in the contract and added in the decoration process". Xuyunhua said that the amount of materials specified in those low-cost contracts is generally less than the actual demand, and the varieties of main materials are marked vaguely, which has reserved space for various "additional items" in the future. For example, the length of a standard kitchen is basically more than 2.6 meters, and these companies set a "free" bottom line of 2 meters, and the excess part needs to be paid by themselves. In order to attract the attention of consumers, some small and medium-sized companies have adopted the strategy of "opening low and going high", making some fishing lump sum prices to lure owners to "hook", and more than 10 additional items will increase by tens of thousands of yuan

if the owners are tough, they can only secretly shoddy, cut corners and other profits. Consumers are the biggest victims, and decoration companies have also lost their reputation: "many companies only want to buy and sell with one hammer in order to grab orders."

reminder: it is only reliable to decorate at least 100000 square meters.

"decorate a 100 square meter house to a medium level, and the lowest is about 100000 yuan." Guo Wei, Secretary General of Wuhan Building Decoration Association, said that when looking for a decoration company, you can't just look at the quotation, you should look at the contract and act in accordance with the contract




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