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Little steps, no even a thousand miles. There is no river or sea without small streams. Rome was not built in a day, and today's e-commerce industry is not achieved overnight. The good operation of stores is also the experience of manufacturing enterprises after continuous exploration and research, and continuous trial and error. Then, for the operation of e-commerce, and for the home industry, the challenges encountered in getting involved in the e-commerce industry. How to find the right strategy to play with e-commerce? Whole house custom furniture franchising agent Deville

there are still many problems in the operation of e-commerce system

inconvenient transportation: wooden goods are large in volume. If they are not supported by offline stores and are shipped from a unified warehouse, the transportation cost is high. This part of the cost will be passed on to customers, resulting in a situation that the online shopping price is higher than the offline price. Therefore, the wardrobe

enterprise stores have a high dynamic sales rate of some small volume auxiliary products

the delivery cycle is long, and the process is opaque: the plate volume is large, the logistics is slow, the floor goods transfer time is long, the wooden door needs to be measured and customized, and each step needs to wait a long time. In addition, where the goods arrive and when to arrange workers to install them on site, the whole process is not open and transparent

imperfect terminal services: due to the measurement and installation work involved in the wooden door and floor industry, there is more contact between customers and staff during the purchase process. Areas not covered by offline stores need to rely on third-party service companies to provide installation services. As terminal service personnel, the installation technology and service attitude of employees will determine the final experience of guests

compete with offline dealers: online and offline products are the same, and customers often look at offline goods and buy online. In this way, it is equivalent to competing for the market with offline dealers, which will not be conducive to the benign development of offline market, but also affect the offline investment policies of enterprises

respecting customers' right to know service is actually very simple

in view of the above problems, the reporter of China wardrobe network interviewed insiders, who said that the problems at this stage can still be solved. As for the transportation of plate goods, since it does not involve installation, it is enough to find a suitable logistics company. At the same time, enterprises should develop downstream industrial chains, transform extensive processing into deeper production and manufacturing, and convert semi-finished plates into finished product sales, which not only increases enterprise profits, but also is conducive to the long-term development of enterprises

aiming at the problems of long delivery cycle and imperfect terminal services, the person said that these problems can be solved by establishing a perfect customer service system. From placing an order to making an appointment for measurement and door-to-door installation, there are SMS prompts at every step. Customers have the right to know. Businesses fulfill their obligation to inform, and the service will become simpler. At the same time, enterprises should strengthen the training of terminal service personnel, enter the information of service personnel in the customer system, and let customers rate the installation technology and service attitude, which is bound to improve the overall service level and greatly increase customer satisfaction

in view of the homogenization of online and offline goods, the person said that we should reasonably plan online and offline goods, do some differentiated activities from time to time, and carry out market development for different customer groups. Or cooperate closely with offline dealers to transform the competitive relationship into a win-win model. According to the reporter, in addition, some enterprises have adopted the strategy of different products online and offline, choosing the differentiated competition online and offline. Different specifications and styles of goods avoid the embarrassment of grabbing the market with dealers from the source

as the country with the largest number of Internet users and the highest penetration rate of e-commerce in the world, all industries have been inseparable from e-commerce. Compared with physical store shopping, online shopping faces greater challenges in terms of consumers' right to know, right to claim, right to fair trade, personal information security and so on. With the arrival of the peak decoration season, for wood products manufacturing enterprises, how to survive in the e-commerce environment, seek development and seize the market. In addition to solving common problems in the industry, we should also optimize products and upgrade services according to the characteristics of our own industry. Only the continuous improvement of the enterprise itself can adapt to the development trend of the whole market

in general, in the household industry, the network economy with e-commerce as the main content has developed rapidly, becoming a strong driving force for China's economic growth, and playing an irreplaceable role in expanding consumption, stimulating economic growth, and realizing consumers' free choice and independent consumption. However, the infringement of consumers' legitimate rights and interests in the field of online consumption has also become increasingly prominent, which restricts the healthy development of the network economy and the implementation of the "Internet +" development strategy

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