Water consumption increases in summer. Water savin

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Guide: People's water consumption will increase greatly in summer. On the premise of meeting the needs of life, we should try our best to do what we can in terms of water saving

Guide: the water consumption in summer will increase greatly. How can you do what you can to save water on the premise of meeting the needs of life? For friends who want to decorate a new home, in choosing sanitary ware, you may wish to consider those products with water-saving functions, which can not only contribute to the environment; In the long run, it can also save a lot of water bills for itself

brand store: Roca bathroom

jet siphon conjoined toilet, which adopts 3/4 liter double gear water-saving flushing, and its unique drainage device and pipeline sewage discharge technology also make this toilet have good flushing power. In addition, this toilet has the function of self-cleaning glaze, and the design of silent and slow falling cover plate is suitable for families with the elderly and children




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