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Lamps and lanterns are indispensable building materials in home decoration. They can not only bring bright light to the home, but also beautify the house. The comfort level of the indoor environment is not only affected by the space planning and layout, furniture placement, but also hinted by the light to a large extent. In addition, lamps and lanterns have a great influence on indoor Feng Shui. Different indoor spaces have different requirements for light due to their different functions, such as soft light in the bedroom, bright light in the study and kitchen, etc. In addition to light, what are the Feng Shui requirements for decorating lamps? Now let's look at the Feng Shui requirements for decorating lamps and lanterns

1. The light requirements of lamps and lanterns in different spaces are different.

the main function of lamps and lanterns is lighting. According to the needs of indoor functions, the requirements for light in each functional area are also different. For example, the light in kitchen and bathroom is required to be bright, and the cold white light can be selected. The light in study is required to be bright but not dazzling, and the light yellow light can be selected; The bedroom is a place to rest and sleep. You can choose soft warm colors, light, and so on. The suitable lighting brightness and color can make people feel comfortable

2. Avoid using red lights or neon lights

red lights and colorful neon lights, which are easy to excite people and are often used in entertainment places. However, home is not an entertainment place after all, and it is best to use a single solid color light! Otherwise, people will feel restless! Especially in the bedroom, avoid using red lights and colorful lighting

3. The size of lamps and lanterns should match the space of the house

the size of lamps and lanterns should be moderate. Because lamps and lanterns are used for decoration after all. If you choose a lamp that is too large, you may be suspected of dominating, but in Feng Shui, it becomes “ Out of order ”, It's easy to make children at home indulge in willfulness and disobedience

4. Avoid three lamps in parallel and in the same direction

when we install lamps, in addition to the main lamp, we will also install some auxiliary lighting lamps, such as spotlight, wall lamp and floor lamp. Generally, the odd number of lamps in the home is preferred, and if you install spotlight, avoid three lamps in parallel and in the same direction, because this is like three incense, the meaning is not clear, and it is easy to cause disease

5. Avoid Candlestick table chandeliers

some European antique chandeliers like to be made into Candlestick style, but in Chinese Feng Shui, Candlestick style chandeliers have “ Main funeral ” This is because white candles are used in Chinese traditional funeral etiquette. If white candlestick chandeliers are used at home, on the one hand, it means bad, on the other hand, it is easy to bring psychological pressure to residents and affect their mental health

6. Circular ceiling lamps should be used indoors

China has “ The sky is round and the place ” This is not only the ancients' understanding of the world, in Feng Shui, “ The sky is round and the place ” It means that the sky is high and the earth is thick, and “ Days ” Represents the indoor ceiling. The roof is required to be round and soft. The circular ceiling lamp visually raises the floor height, and the circular ceiling lamp will not form “ Angular brake &rdquo& ldquo; Coping ” Phenomenon of

I'll introduce you to the Feng Shui requirements for the decoration of lamps and lanterns. I hope it will be helpful to you! Lamp Feng Shui is also a dead corner that we often ignore, the so-called “ Black under the light ”, Probably refers to this point! You can pay more attention to lamp Feng Shui! For more information, please pay attention




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