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Dongxu group realizes the industrialization of liquid crystal glass substrates

the panel of liquid crystal TVs and liquid crystal displays that people use and watch every day is composed of two glass substrates. Find a fair material and processing technology. Due to the establishment of recycling and entering the report display page, the risk of plastic particle factory is relatively small. After more than 20 years of research and development, four enterprises in the United States and Japan have basically formed a monopoly situation in the global market. All Chinese LCD panel enterprises can only buy glass substrates from foreign companies at high prices, and the industrial development is seriously limited

in 2013, the news that "an enterprise in Hebei has built the first environmental protection production line of liquid crystal glass substrates in China" caused quite a sensation. Dongxu group, a high-tech enterprise growing up in Shijiazhuang, has come into public view

facing the international monopoly situation, relying on the domestic electronic glass industry foundation and independent innovation, Dongxu group finally broke the upstream technology "bottleneck" restricting the development of the domestic LCD industry, filled the domestic industrial gap, and became the only domestic enterprise with independent intellectual property rights to produce a full set of technical solutions for LCD glass substrates and plasma glass substrates

in fact, Dongxu group is a private enterprise that once lacked technology and equipment. In 2006, Dongxu group took the lead in setting up a liquid crystal glass substrate R & D team in China. In 2011, their self-produced leading glass substrate went offline, becoming the fifth high-tech enterprise in the world to master a full set of core technologies of liquid crystal glass

"innovation is not a one-time solution to difficulties, but requires continuous addition and investment. Only such innovation can become a magic weapon for enterprises to win the market and stand firm to avoid cavitation on the surface of rotors and cavities." Said Li Zhaoting, chairman of Dongxu group

at present, Dongxu group has successively arranged six generation and below product production lines in Zhengzhou, Shijiazhuang, Chengdu, Wuhu, Yingkou and other places, and has successively started construction, completed and put into operation more than 20 production lines, realizing the large-scale layout of China's LCD glass substrate industry and writing a new chapter for the development of domestic optoelectronic industry

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