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Dongtu Technology: help Beigong and ensure the use of insulation materials for building exterior walls in the dancing Olympic Games. The national seal, the flying five ring flag and the jubilant little Fuwa have made China the focus of world attention and the most beautiful scenery in 2008. Facing the attention of the world, how can we make the 29th Olympic Games play the strongest voice of the times

Olympic power supply is undoubtedly the core of the whole Olympic project. The smooth holding of the Beijing Olympic Games is inseparable from the normal operation of the entire Olympic power supply network. Beijing Dongtu Technology Co., Ltd., as an enterprise with rapid development in the IT industry, participated in the Olympic distribution network monitoring project of Beijing power supply company. It has ensured the smooth progress of power supply for the venues of the Beijing Olympic Games

Beijing Dongtu Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the innovation and improvement of communication solutions for digital information construction in the industrial field based on the enterprise purpose of "Ethernet industrialization and simplification of industrial communication". It is very proud to participate in the power supply and monitoring system project of the Beijing Olympic Games; Proud to host the Olympic Games in Beijing, proud to be able to escort the Olympic Games and a large number of recruitment activities are in progress

in the whole process of the implementation of the power supply and distribution monitoring system project, rubber is a high-quality bullet material. We are full of a sacred sense of mission and sense all the time. We start from small things, don't let go of every subtle problem we encounter in our work, and cooperate with Beijing power supply company to carefully and carefully complete the installation, configuration and commissioning of SICOM series switches provided by our company in more than 20 substations and 31 venues, The commissioning of the Olympic power supply and communication system has been accurately completed, ensuring the safety and smooth power supply during the Olympic Games

during the Olympic Games, in order to better serve the Olympic Games and improve the corporate image of Dongtu technology, the company set up an Olympic distribution and communication guarantee team, together with the Beijing Power Supply Company Dispatching Center, to formulate relevant network guarantee plans and hold distribution switch maintenance training, so as to correctly guide the distribution and communication guarantee work during the Olympic Games. With the strong support of the leaders and employees of the dispatching center of Beijing power supply company, all the support and maintenance personnel adopt the 24-hour on-site duty mode, overcome difficulties in the spirit of not afraid of hard work and continuous work, complete the power protection work during the Olympic Games in a timely, accurate, professional and quality guaranteed manner, and strive to complete the security tasks during the Olympic Games with the best service

as a member of the Chinese nation, not everyone can walk on the Olympic field and burst into glory under the five ring flag! But we also have our own Olympic stage. With our sincere heart, we will add luster to Beijing! Without the flash and the podium, we can still become heroes dedicated to the Olympic Games

Science and technology Olympics is our characteristic. Under the socialist construction policy of taking science and technology as the guide and innovation as the core, we will strive to pursue excellence, adhere to independent innovation, take "creating new value for customers with innovation" as the business goal of the enterprise, take "being an industrial optical data communication expert" as the company's long-term ideal, and "using information technology to promote China's industrial modernization" as the company's fundamental mission to pursue the future

"one world, one dream!" Let's support the Olympics with action and welcome the Olympics with science and technology! Let's fuse the national beliefs that multi-layer films are usually thinner than single-layer films, put them into the passionate Olympic furnace, and experience the "real gold" of the times. Show the world a new image of "Green Olympics, high-tech Olympics" at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

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