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Dongtai: build a world-class household hardware benchmarking enterprise

Huicong home appliances: the overall kitchen is a more popular decoration method in kitchen decoration nowadays. The overall kitchen allows our kitchen functions to be better coordinated, brings convenience to our life, and also greatly improves the overall aesthetics of the kitchen

especially with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the overall kitchen products are increasingly favored by consumers, and the market share is gradually increasing. Then, how to choose a set of high-quality overall kitchen products has also become a concern of consumers at present. Under such a background, China Hardware Association and China Yikang times jointly launched the activity of "China's overall kitchen industry investigation tour", which is intended to provide a basis for consumers to choose overall kitchen products and brands with better quality, deeply understand the current situation of the industry, and better guide the healthy development of the industry

on July 11, the delegation came to Dongtai, the second stop of the "China's overall kitchen inspection tour". As we all know, the quality of cabinet functional hardware is an important indicator to evaluate the quality of a set of overall kitchen products. Dongtai is the leader in the home hardware industry. As the top three in the home hardware industry in the world, Dongtai has four production plants, covering an area of 600000 platform meters. Today, Dongtai has developed into a comprehensive home hardware solution provider, serving customers in provinces and cities across the country and 106 overseas countries

Zhaodongmei, Deputy Secretary General of China Hardware Association, said that entrusted by the Quality Development Bureau of the State Administration of market supervision, the association carried out a quality survey in the overall kitchen industry last year. Through the quality survey, the first batch of 10 demonstration enterprises in the overall kitchen industry were launched to meet the quality standards. In order to let consumers better understand what the current most high-end products look like, we chose Dongtai, hoping that consumers and the media can have a deeper understanding of our national brand at that time

after arriving at Dongtai factory, the delegation visited the factory, production workshop, warehouse and enterprise exhibition hall of Dongtai. Subsequently, he had an in-depth discussion and exchange with enterprise representatives such as Chen Jie, deputy general manager of Dongtai hardware group, on the content of the home hardware industry

Chen Jie, deputy general manager of marketing of Dongtai hardware group

first of all, talking about the success of Dongtai in the home hardware industry, Chen Jie, deputy general manager of marketing of Dongtai hardware group, said frankly that we believe that "innovation" is the key to success, which is also one of the core values of our enterprise. We must comply with the times and constantly carry out management innovation, technological innovation and brand innovation, which is the guarantee of success

Chen Jie said that we believe that household hardware enterprises should not only include some renewable raw materials to succeed, but also have comprehensive strength. On the one hand, they should extend from single category to multiple categories, on the other hand, they should improve the ability of enterprises in the whole industrial chain and form an overall comprehensive competitiveness. DTC Dongtai started from hinges and connectors, to slides, and then extended to the whole series of upturns and doors, so as to better meet the demands of customers for a full range of basic hardware for home furnishings. The "one-stop" solution to the basic hardware needs of customized home furnishings and real estate decoration has also enhanced customers' stickiness to us

in addition, as a manufacturing group enterprise, through more than 20 years of accumulation, DTC Dongtai has built a powerful automatic production system. The whole production process starts from raw material cutting, to parts stamping, molding, die casting, injection molding, electroplating, spraying, assembly, packaging and shipping in a one-stop manner in the factory. At the same time, we should also have a certain grasp of the trend of home design, collect and sort out the latest trend, and carry out the most cutting-edge product research and development

as for how to ensure the quality of products, Chen Jie said that we have always believed that product power is the basis of brand power. Our brand concept is to create an "international quality benchmark" in addition to the research and production of biological materials, and win the trust of customers with excellent product quality and convenient service. Therefore, we have very strict control over manufacturing quality. From raw material procurement to delivery inspection, DTC Dongtai implements strict quality control over the whole process, and the automation of production provides a strong guarantee for the quality of products. DTC products have been able to meet the quality requirements of European and American developed countries, such as ansi/bhma, kcma, EU EN standards, and have entered a large number of markets in developed countries

as for "intelligent manufacturing", Chen Jie said that the intelligent manufacturing of an enterprise is not how many automatic equipment and automatic production lines a simple enterprise can manufacture, but a comprehensive optimization of the level of enterprise management. The specific measures of our Dongtai group in the past few years are: improve and innovate the management of all departments of the enterprise, standardize the industry action theory, modernize the technology, standardize, standardize and data-based management of the workflow, vigorously carry out production increase and saving, increase revenue and reduce expenditure, improve production efficiency and reduce costs; Promote the lean production of the production department, reduce all unnecessary production waste, improve the standard production capacity, standard personnel, standard working hours, etc., and realize the standardization, equalization and synchronization of production operations; And build an excellent management team; In addition, we cooperate with Italian intelligent equipment factory to develop manufacturing automation production line. Since 2010, Dongtai has started the project of layout independent innovation, technological transformation and improvement of production efficiency. Through the integration of electronic and information technology, the automation of the manufacturing process has been greatly improved, which protects the rapid and efficient development of the company

for the future development goals, Chen Jie said that we expect "DTC home hardware is where people live", comply with the needs of the times, constantly innovate and provide competitive home hardware solutions and services, and continue to create maximum value for customers. At the same time, we will strive to build a world-class household hardware benchmarking enterprise within 10 years

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