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Dongxiucheng: the chemical industry is still suffering losses and needs to be remedied.

the recently released China Economic and petrochemical industry prosperity index report for the third quarter of 2009 shows that the experimental machines we have produced in the petrochemical industry are mainly for construction, railways, highways, instruments, chemicals, plastic materials, steel, metal materials, and so on. Some manufacturers have built factories and laboratories, but the chemical industry is still in the doldrums. Dongxiucheng, deputy dean of the school of Business Administration of China University of petroleum, said that at present, the chemical industry still has problems such as decentralized and extensive production capacity, which urgently need to be remedied

the report shows that the loss of loss making enterprises in the chemical industry after preliminary seasonal adjustment was 25.85 billion yuan, an increase of 32.4% year on year and 37.0% month on month; The loss of the chemical industry was 18.3%, down 2.2 percentage points from the previous quarter. Although the prosperity index is rising, it is still in a downturn

according to Dong Xiucheng's analysis, from ethylene to various chemical products, they are closely related to ordinary people. Subject to the market downturn, prices are difficult to rise. At the same time, the price of raw materials rose again, which prompted the chemical industry to suffer losses. Although the current trend is relatively good, the industry has suffered losses until now

in order to deal with this situation, he believes that from the national level, it is necessary to further implement the petrochemical revitalization plan and grasp several core points: first, rational layout, integration of oil refining and chemical industry, and extension of industrial chain; Second, large-scale, intensive, small natural market elimination, the elimination can also be eliminated

for enterprises, the key is to adjust the industrial chain. If some products are not marketable, or the trend of power battery recycling is very small, they should actively change production. In addition, we also need to increase the internal potential, improve the management level and improve the technical content. "The crisis has a great impact on us, but it can also bring some benefits, that is, forcing our enterprises to increase technological innovation and reduce costs."

dongxiucheng also pointed out that some chronic diseases in the chemical industry have affected the recovery of the industry. Chemical enterprises are blooming everywhere, with state-owned, private and foreign-funded enterprises coexisting. Many of them are relatively small enterprises, which urgently need to adjust the industrial structure. "Under the economic crisis, some enterprises, especially small enterprises, went bankrupt, which may bring some local employment, and the government affirmed the implementation of the target government revenue, but this is normal from a market perspective, such as cleaning the room."

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