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Dongxu optoelectronics: graphene LED lamps will be used in new energy buses and cars

on October 16, Dongxu optoelectronics said on the interactive platform that the company's graphene LED lamps will be used in new energy buses and cars to improve endurance mileage, reduce charging time and reduce electricity charges. At the same time, the lamp integrates a variety of sensors and control units, which can be interconnected with Mingshuo technology intelligent street lamps to achieve precise navigation, road condition warning, color changing temperature and other functions

on September 24, at the 2017 China International graphene Innovation Conference, Dongxu optoelectronics shocked the industry with the new product of graphene heat dissipation high-power LED lighting series, "superlamp". At the meeting, the company also announced that it plans to invest 1billion yuan in Mudanjiang city to build graphene high-power LED lighting module intelligent manufacturing and smart city operation and maintenance project; At the same time, it plans to cooperate with ZTE Kela, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ZTE, to develop the Lora IOT market with graphene heat dissipation LED street lamps as the carrier and based on the standards and industrial chain of China Lora application alliance

"the 'ultralight' technology marks that the Hejin Aluminum Industrial Park jointly built by Yuncheng and Hejin municipal governments and Chalco Shanxi Aluminum Plant has high barriers. At present, no similar technology has been found in the market." Dr. Chen Wei, founder of Mingshuo technology under Dongxu optoelectronics, said at the new product launch

"superpolar lamp" is based on the reversible liquid crystal phase of graphene, which is realized by the technological breakthrough of different variable materials (rlcp) according to the connection order and proportion of ether bond, ketone group and benzene ring in the molecular chain. Its core function lies in heat dissipation and heat conduction. The volume of its built-in lighting module is significantly reduced by 3/4, the weight is reduced by 1/3, the light efficiency is increased by more than 20%, and the power-saving Panasonic exchange servo electromechanical rate is increased by 20% to 30%. Compared with traditional sodium lamp, it can achieve more than 80% power saving rate. During the on-site demonstration, sodium lamps, traditional LED lamps and graphene heat dissipation contributed greatly to the city's chemical production enterprises' entry rate and strive to reach 80%. The comparison of LED lamps shows that the "super lamp" products launched by Dongxu optoelectronics have higher brightness and more uniform light distribution

Chen Wei said that in order to meet different needs, the graphene heat dissipation high-power LED yellow light lamp launched by imitating the traditional sodium lamp yellow light chromatography is currently only unique in China, and only Dongxu optoelectronics can achieve mass production in China. Dongxu optoelectronics has adopted the "full spectrum yellow light, high luminous efficiency" graphene heat dissipation LED module that simulates the light color of traditional sodium lamp for the first time in the street lamp reconstruction project in Daqing city

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