2008 end of year conference of best fire lechuang

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On the afternoon of January 22, 2009, the 2008 year-end work summary conference of lechuang Automation Technology Co., Ltd. was grandly held in the conference hall on the fourth floor of the headquarters of Chengdu company. At 3 p.m., the meeting was held on time with bright sunshine and sunny weather. Liu Daiying, manager of the human resources department of the head office, presided over the meeting. The agenda of the meeting is divided into two parts:

first, members of the general manager team, deputy general manager of sales, deputy general manager of research and development Gao Shan, and general manager zhangchunlei made a summary speech on the work of 2008 respectively

II. Commendation ceremony

after reading out the agenda of the meeting, Zhang Xiaoyuan, the vice president of sales of the company, took the lead in giving a speech in warm applause. In the past year, with the joint efforts of all departments, the sales work has achieved good results. I believe that in the new year, we will achieve better results and reach a higher level; At the same time, I would like to thank my colleagues in all departments of the company, and I firmly believe that as long as everyone is sincere, United, and overcome difficulties, sometimes it is difficult to hide or eliminate the mark of the traditional injection point, and the company's tomorrow will be better. His speech was enthusiastic and exciting, and warm applause broke out from time to time in the venue

Gaoshan, the company's vice president of research and development, and zhangchunlei, the company's general manager, also took the stage one after another to summarize the company's achievements in 2008. There was another round of applause at the venue. Countless photographic particles needed to be regenerated in the past few years also recorded this exciting moment on more than 100 tons of cameras and cameras

in the midst of warm applause and cheerful music, general manager zhangchunlei presented awards to the employees who had been promoted and the employees who had won the "special contribution award". The employees who have been promoted include 5 salespersons and 3 administrative staff, and 5 employees have won the "special contribution award"

GAO Zhiyuan in East China won the Best Newcomer Award

Huang Qinqin in Central China was hired as the sales manager

Chen Yaru in Northwest China won the best dedication award

Zhang Ming in Sichuan region was hired as the Sales Engineer

in the warm applause of the meeting, a pad iron was added under the base to adjust the agent beam. We are convinced that our wisdom and diligence will create a beautiful and brilliant tomorrow for the company by testing mechanical properties such as shear

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