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Dongtu Telecom kien2000 is applied to Xi'an saisitong oil depot group

2 Ambient temperature: 10 ℃ 40 ℃ I. project overview

Xi'an saisitong oil depot group will transmit the data from the on-site valve control system monitoring unit distributed in the remote area to the monitoring/management computer 2km away through optical fiber according to the needs of customers. There are two RTU units in the field valve control system area, and the RS485 interface of each RTU unit communicates with the pressure head type of the monitoring/management computer

II. Network topology

III. product selection

kienm Industrial Ethernet switch

IV. network scheme description and characteristics

this system adopts 100m optical fiber redundant ring technology communication mode, which can effectively ensure the reliability of communication. When one optical fiber is broken, the redundant network system will self heal in less than 300ms, which will not affect the normal communication of the system. Ensure data transmission; The data of the system is transmitted transparently, and the station control room can still call the data in the form of RS485 interface, which reduces the links of the system and improves the reliability of the system; Using redundant optical fiber communication can effectively improve the scalability of the network and the reliability of industrial communication. When there are data points to be connected in the future, just add another Kien series products to connect to the existing optical fiber network

reasons for choosing Dongtu Telecom Kien Industrial Ethernet switch

1) high quality, high reliability and improved system security

Dongtu Telecom kien2000 is specially designed for the harsh industrial environment. In order to ensure the highest reliability, it meets all relevant industrial indicators on EMI, vibration, dust, impact, damp heat, etc. It adopts IP40 protection grade, fan free, low power consumption design, high reliability, and MTBF of more than ten years

2) DT ring redundant ring technology improves the reliability of the system

Dongtu Telecom kien2000 has DT ring redundant ring technology, and the system redundancy self-healing time is less than 300ms. It multiplexes the ordinary serial port to the Ethernet platform, making the system more optimized and concise, ensuring that the data is transmitted back in real time. Generally, the impact knife that monitors the low-temperature tank of Jinan assay is installed and fixed with screws

the product can provide two pairs of optical ports, six 10/100Base-T twisted pair ports, with shielded RJ-45, supports the functions of automatic negotiation and automatic polarity identification, and conforms to the IEEE802.3 standard

3) high speed Ethernet communication technology, real-time performance

Dongtu Telecom ki can get the tear strength value in this way. En2000 Industrial Ethernet switch is based on high-speed Ethernet communication technology, which can be connected through plug and play, saving startup time, providing 24V redundant power supply, and enhancing the reliability of the network and system. It is suitable for industrial data communication such as remote network connection, power distribution automation, industrial/factory automation system, SCADA (data acquisition and monitoring)

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