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Dongxu optoelectronics ushered in the "harvest season" of liquid crystal glass substrates

Dongxu optoelectronics' main business is to officially enter the voluntary implementation stage of tire classification in China. In addition, the company vigorously promoted the construction of the company's liquid crystal glass substrate project in 2013, and is expected to usher in the harvest season in 2014. In addition, The company cooperates with BOE to carry out comprehensive strategic cooperation, and is expected to become a leading enterprise in China's optoelectronic upstream industry

6 generation lines are advancing steadily, and the development of high generation lines in the future will benefit from the explosion of local panel production capacity. In 2014, the company entered the performance release period of the 6th generation line of flat glass. The four production lines of the phase I project have all been ignited, and the four production lines of the phase II project will also be ignited successively during the year. At present, BOE has entered a stable supply state, and the subsequent supply scale will continue to rise. Taiwan Chunghwa picture tube has been successfully delivered in batches, while Youda, qunchuang and Hanyu Caijing have successively entered the certification and testing stage. In the long run, we judge that the company will continue to develop to a higher generation line and fully enjoy the opportunity of the explosion of local panel demand in China

layout the field of new materials and break through the long-term growth space. In the long run, with the company's technology, talents, capital and customer reserves, we believe that the company's further development in the vertical and horizontal direction of the industrial chain, including the optoelectronic upstream material market such as color filter and cover glass, will be the company's long-term development space. The four characteristics above the company's length are that the unique future space of the equipment will not be limited to the glass substrate industry. Sichuan Xuhong, a subsidiary of the group, uses float technology to produce cover glass with a production capacity of 6.5 million square meters, which verifies the company's technical reserves in the upstream field of optoelectronics

join hands with BOE to comprehensively carry out strategic cooperation. The company recently announced that it had signed a strategic cooperation agreement with BOE. In the future, at least 60% of orders for glass substrates for Hefei 6th generation line will be transferred to Dongxu. Based on BOE's current monthly production of 100k, the required amount of glass substrates will reach 120k/month, filling at least three production lines of the company. Considering that Dongxu optoelectronics has the manufacturing capacity of TFT panel complete equipment, we believe that the opportunity for the two companies to enter the panel equipment manufacturing field together will not be ruled out in the future

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