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Dongtu Technology: it plans to acquire baineng electric for more than 1.6 billion yuan to promote the application of industrial interconnection in the metallurgical field. Dongtu technology announced on the evening of May 22 that the company plans to acquire 100% equity of Beijing baineng Electric Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as baineng electric) for 1.613 billion yuan, and raise supporting funds of 1.1 billion yuan to promote the application of the company's industrial interconnection innovative products and solutions in large metallurgical enterprises

according to the report on issuing shares and paying cash to purchase assets and raise supporting funds (Draft) disclosed by Dongtu technology, the company plans to purchase 100% equity of baineng electric from 41 natural persons such as Sinosteel Equipment Co., Ltd., Beijing Dacheng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Beijing baineng joint investment consulting center (limited partnership), Zhao Qingfeng and Sun Li by issuing shares and paying cash. The transaction consideration totaled 1.613 billion yuan, of which 1.291 billion yuan was paid by issuing shares and 323 million yuan was paid in cash. At the same time, the company plans to raise supporting funds in the form of non-public offering of shares from no more than 35 specific investors, with a total amount of no more than 1.1 billion yuan, which is intended to be used to pay the cash consideration of this transaction, the fees of intermediaries related to this transaction, the construction of the target company's projects, that is, the R & D and industrialization projects of industrial interconnection control system in the metallurgical industry, and to supplement the working capital of listed companies

according to the introduction, Dongtu technology is a professional provider of integrated solutions for industrial interconnection, committed to the research and practice of integrated solutions for networking industrial control, and is a leading enterprise in the innovation and exploration of industrial interconnection technology in China. The company is committed to the R & D, production and sales of the core hardware and software technology of industrial interconnection. It always takes independent research and development, safety and control as the technical direction, and the establishment of a new generation of China's industrial control system as the development mission. It continues to cultivate the field of industrial interconnection, continuously strengthens the technical strength of the core hardware and software of industrial interconnection, and deepens the application of industrial interconnection technology in industrial manufacturing, defense, energy and electricity, transportation, petrochemical, metallurgy Urban infrastructure and other industries

according to the company's annual report, in November 2019, Dongtu technology won the title of the fourth batch of manufacturing single champion enterprises (products) jointly announced by the Ministry of industry and information technology and the China Federation of industrial economics; In December 2019, under the guidance of the Ministry of industry and information technology and the people's Government of Zhejiang Province, and hosted by the Organizing Committee of the China Industrial interconnection competition with the theme of lighting up the light of wisdom, Dongtu technology won the first prize of the highest honor for its industrial interconnection solution based on software definition, control and process

in March 2020, Dongtu technology and the State Key Laboratory of process industry integrated automation of Northeastern University signed the cooperation agreement on jointly building industrial interconnection control system. The cooperation contents of the two sides include the establishment of a joint laboratory of industrial interconnection control system, the joint research and development of industrial interconnection control system software platform and hardware platform commercialization projects, and the joint promotion of new standards and new structures of industrial interconnection control system to lead and become national standards, Jointly promote the application of industrial interconnection control system in nonferrous metals, steel and other industries. Dongtu technology said that the purpose of this transaction is also to further promote the application of industrial interconnection products and solutions in metallurgy and other fields

according to the announcement, the main business of the subject company of this transaction, baineng electric, is to provide engineering and technical services for industrial enterprise automation and intelligent integrated systems, energy conservation and environmental protection engineering and technical services, and contracted energy management services. In many years of business activities, it has accumulated rich experience in the application of metallurgical automatic control technology and has a deep understanding of the process of the metallurgical industry, A number of excellent composite plastic films have been trained. They are a team of technicians who use different composite processes to composite different materials together. They have the ability to undertake large-scale advanced metallurgical automation system projects and have a great influence in the industry

baineng Electric is in the leading position in many fields such as intelligent manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection, and comprehensive utilization of resources. At present, it already has unmanned driving and intelligent warehouse and pipe system, coke oven temperature measurement robot, automatic steel tapping system, unmanned intelligent control system of integrated stockyard, and precision manufacturing intelligent lubrication system. The pipelines lead to the production lines of rotating joints and moving parts Many products and technologies such as strip quality analysis system and waste heat power generation intelligent expert system. By the end of 2019, the total assets of baineng electric were 2.079 billion yuan, and the owner's equity attributable to the parent company was 808 million yuan; From 2018 to 2019, the operating revenue of baineng electric was 594million yuan and 762million yuan respectively

Dongtu technology said that after the completion of this transaction, baineng Electric will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company. The company will combine its own development strategy and give full play to the advantages of existing industrial interconnection platform technology, promote business collaboration with baineng electric in the fields of electrical automation, energy conservation and emission reduction integrated services of industrial enterprises, especially large metallurgical enterprises, and constantly enrich application scenarios Promote the application of two-dimensional and two-dimensional molybdenum sulfide products and solutions with unique performance in various industries. The company's asset scale and business scale will be further expanded, and its competitive strength will also be further enhanced

it is understood that industrial interconnection has been applied to many fields of manufacturing industry, and the innovation of new models such as intelligent production, networking collaboration, personalized customization, service-oriented extension and digital management is active, which has effectively promoted the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry and spawned new growth points. Many technology intensive and capital intensive industries have received good support in terms of capital, policies and talents. For example, when talking about xpressn lux, Beckman said that steel, chemical industry, electronics and other industries are developing rapidly

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