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The 2008 conjecture of China printing (2)

the hidden worries of pessimists are not groundless. On July 31, 2007, BOCOG released the investigation results on the suspected labor employment problems of four Olympic franchise enterprises. Among them, Guangdong Dongguan Liqi Stationery Co., Ltd., which has officially become a licensed manufacturer and operator of paper printing for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, illegally hired 8 underage student workers to engage in the packaging of external products during the student winter vacation from January to February 2007, and there were serious problems such as not signing labor contracts with some workers. BOCOG decided to stop the company's qualification as a licensed manufacturer and ordered it to immediately stop the production and sales of licensed goods for the Beijing Olympic Games

those who have become Olympic printing service providers must make their own choice between the risk of having to expand production to meet the needs of the Olympic Games and the sharp decline in business demand after the Olympic Games, and those printing enterprises who also want to share in the Olympic business opportunities should also do such a choice

but we seem to have seen the positive solution of this multiple-choice problem, the wolf strategy

as a printing service provider for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, Beijing youpaike packaging and Printing Co., Ltd. is in fact formed by several professional packaging and printing enterprises who jointly broke down industry barriers and departmental segmentation. Many printing enterprises preparing for the Olympic Games have also formed loose cooperative alliances. Once a certain company obtains Olympic business opportunities that it cannot digest, it will carry out live parts decomposition in this cooperative alliance, The leading enterprise shall pay the agreed printing and processing expenses to the cooperative enterprise

in this way, as a printing enterprise manager said: facing the Olympic business opportunities, we are fighting for the market initiative

printing higher education is valued

on August 16, 2007, Beijing Hualian Printing Co., Ltd. held a high-end forum on how to improve the quality of enterprise employees at the same time of the fifth anniversary celebration, hoping to meet the gap of higher talents in China's printing industry through the joint efforts of the printing industry and the education industry. On November 23, the 2007 student aid activity of the China Printing university student aid alliance, which was initiated and established by Far East International Leasing Co., Ltd., opened at Xi'an University of technology. The scholarships are for students in the first and second grades of undergraduate majoring in printing and packaging who are financially difficult and have excellent academic performance, hoping to help these future senior Chinese printing talents successfully complete their studies and serve the Chinese printing industry

these two enterprises held charity activities for higher education in printing, which were spontaneously organized by seeing the current situation of a series of contradictions caused by the lack of high-end printing talents

when a group of printing higher education institutions such as Wuhan University, Beijing Institute of printing, Xi'an University of technology, Shanghai University of technology and so on are transferring talents to the society, on the one hand, the number of printing high-end talents who have successfully graduated decreases year by year due to the imperfection of the education security mechanism; on the other hand, there are errors in the market matching of high-end talents due to the lack of a relatively smooth cooperation platform and mechanism between schools and enterprises, There are obstacles in the way of transforming advanced technology into productivity

we hope that this proposition will be further elaborated and answered in 2008

digital printing has entered a cooling off period

if the digital printing system was first published during ipex1993 as the birthday of digital printing, then it can't be denied that the major manufacturers have made every effort to create a digital printing that can test and analyze the mechanical properties and process properties of various metals, nonmetals and composite materials for 14 years, and the atmosphere of the future of printing has also been successful, Now everyone will say that digital printing has a bright future, and everyone will say that the digital printing market space is quite large, but the question is, when will that bright future come, and when will the huge market from a family workshop with 34 employees to an enterprise with more than 400 employees really turn into tangible profits

in 2007, we have begun to hear different voices for digital printing, which is much higher than traditional printing. There are too many restrictions on format and paper, too high investment risks and technical risks, and too fine printing quality is unnecessary. Some people began to question that digital printing does not adapt to the current market, and belongs to an absolutely premature baby

according to market survey data, the annual growth rate of digital printing in China is less than 5%, while that in developed countries is 10%. China's digital printing market is mainly concentrated in commercial printing and book printing, and 80% of the products are also concentrated in bidding documents and other businesses with low added value and limited market demand. At present, digital printing can not involve newspaper printing, packaging printing and other rich markets

this can also be seen from the new product release of digital printing system suppliers in recent years. In the major exhibitions in 2007, new digital printing products mainly focused on core businesses such as on-demand printing, personalized printing and variable data printing. This calm and pragmatic market supply and demand pattern also gives us reason to believe that the future of China's digital printing is promising

printing exhibition begins to revel

the Olympic Games of printing will also be held in the summer of 2008. The 2008 drupa international printing and paper exhibition will be held in Dusseldorf Exhibition Center, Germany, from May 29 to June 11, 2008

according to past experience, the intentional recuperation of major printing suppliers in drupa in the early stage will lead to the depression of other major printing exhibitions. However, in the iGAS and printexpo held in 2007, we saw some eye-catching new exhibits and new technologies, and the brilliance of the early stage makes us have more reason to expect the climax of the carnival

if drupa is too far away, the third China International all print exhibition with the theme of condensing printing power, which will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center on November, 2008, is a wonderful event that cannot be missed by China's printing industry. There was drupa before, and then there was the All India exhibition based on China. Looking at drupa, buying the All India exhibition is also a reasonable reason to expect

at the same time, we also found that the enthusiasm of Chinese exhibitors has soared unprecedentedly in recent years. In several exhibitions held in 2007, the booth area of domestic exhibitors has frequently broken records, which has something to do with the rapid growth of China's printing market demand, but the rapid development of China's printing industry is also an important reason for this upsurge

printing begins to fission

what do you think when printing is no longer what we simply think of as printing? But printing has indeed started this self fission

waterless printing, which has the reputation of green printing, is widely favored by the world because it removes the water bucket device and does not need water and ink to balance Jinan assay. Therefore, it can be seen how important the test of the spring is, and it no longer needs bottles of potions. Germany announced that the penetration rate of waterless printing will reach more than 50% in the next five years. Gaobao Cortina waterless printing production line has been applied to lefigaro, a French newspaper with a daily circulation of about 480000 copies. Through continuous market expansion, Japan waterless printing association has made the market share of waterless printing in Japan reach more than 9%. The Japan waterless printing association also made frequent contacts with printing enterprises in Shunde, Guangdong Province in 2007, and waterless printing is expected to take root and develop in China

at the same time, the combination printing that completes the processing of each process of a product online at the same time is increasingly favored by investors, such as offset printing + silk printing mainly used for three-dimensional printing, offset printing + flexographic printing mainly used for packaging printing, offset printing + digital printing mainly used for direct mail printing, etc., which integrates the advantages of various printing methods and complements each other, and truly realizes low cost, simplification The ultimate demand for high-quality printing

in addition, large format inkjet printing, UV printing and other technologies are also constantly developing themselves. And this is the important reason why printing lasts forever

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