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Dongtu technology and Yitong century reached a strategic cooperation to promote the development of the industrial IOT industry

Dongtu technology announced on the evening of June 21 that the company signed the strategic framework agreement with Guangdong Yitong Century Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yitong century). Both parties will give full play to their respective advantages, integrate their own resources, jointly promote the development of the industrial IOT industry and plan for future business models on the premise of complying with relevant national laws and regulations and their respective internal management systems

the contents of the cooperation between the two sides include: the company and Yitong century will actively promote in-depth cooperation in many aspects to jointly form an industrial solution of industrial IOT. Through cooperative operation, it also decided to adopt a one arm mode, mutually promote the construction of R & D mechanism and marketing channels, establish an IOT business ecosystem, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. The two sides jointly launched the IOT cloud platform based on the intewell operating system to provide cloud storage and cloud computing services for the industrial servers and other products of Dongtu technology, and realize the real-time connection, real-time monitoring and remote management of equipment. At this time, the control of the hot melt viscosity of rubber and plastic materials is extremely important to promote the technological upgrading of both sides

the company said that Yitong century is a leading communication technology service provider in China and a contract technology enterprise with long-term cooperation with high-tech in the IOT industry. Its main businesses include communication network engineering construction and maintenance technical services, IOT platform operation, big data analysis, smart medical and other system solutions. The signing of this strategic framework agreement will further strengthen the dual songsorb? Cs384 ⑵ it is a cooperative relationship between liquid products, which promotes both parties to give full play to their respective advantages, jointly form an industrial solution of industrial IOT, and jointly promote the development of industrial IOT industry. Through this strategic cooperation, it is conducive to strengthening the sustainable development ability of the company and promoting the future business development of the company

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