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Dongxu group successfully held the completion and Acceptance Meeting of four technical transformation projects. Liu Zhanyang, a senior engineer of the Institute of automation of Hebei Academy of Sciences, served as the leader of the project evaluation expert group to improve production efficiency. The members of the evaluation team include five experts, including Wu zengshu, a senior engineer of Hebei software and Information Service Association, and Li Baozhang, a professor of Hebei University of science and technology

Liu Xinying, director of Shijiazhuang Bureau of industry and information technology, Jiao Zhanqiang, assistant to the president of Hebei Institute of electronic information technology, and other relevant leaders, as well as Li Qing, President of Dongxu group and chairman of Dongxu Township, attended the meeting. Li Feng, vice president of Dongxu group, made a detailed report on the implementation of the project, the technical committee's responsibility to strengthen the communication between the industry and the government, the technical, economic and social benefits, and technological upgrading. The participants listened carefully to the report, and carried out the review work through on-site investigation, data access, inquiry and discussion to form acceptance opinions

after discussion with various materials, the project evaluation team agreed that the four projects reviewed met the basic purpose of the project, completed the project construction objectives, and provided enterprise support with two varieties for the development of key technologies and equipment of glass substrates in China. The evaluation team provided valuable guidance on the in-depth improvement of the project data, and congratulated the project on its successful acceptance

chairman Li Qing thanked Shijiazhuang Bureau of industry and information technology, Automation Institute of Hebei Academy of Sciences, Hebei Institute of electronic information technology and other relevant departments for their support and care for Dongxu's work. Dongxu group has formed a valuable industrial accumulation after 22 years of trials and tribulations, from equipment manufacturing to glass substrate industrialization to diversified industrial pattern. Dongxu people will continue to practice their internal skills and continue to embark on a new journey with the integrity of diligence and dedication

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