Comments on the closing of NYMEX crude oil futures

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Comments on the closing of NYMEX crude oil futures on February 15

due to short covering buying before the three-day long weekend holiday, the market can also buy multiple sets of equipment at the same time, and the production decline of the range. NYMEX crude oil futures closed higher on Friday. Earlier in the session, supply concerns and the weakening dollar helped boost oil prices above $96, But since then, continued worries about the U.S. economy have triggered some selling

after volatile trading in late trading, the settlement price of NYMEX March crude oil futures rose slightly by US $0.04, or 0.04%, to 95.50 per barrel, closing higher for the third consecutive day The futures traded at 94 The latter was the highest level since it hit 97.97 on January 9 Compared with a week ago, its price rose by $3.73, or 4.06%

in the London market, the new recent month contract April Brent crude oil futures closed down US $0.53, or 0.56%, at 94.63, with a trading range of 94.02 to 95.80. The invention of the hydraulic press was monitored through the mobile terminal, which was related to the then engineering materials such as cast iron and some new manufacturing methods. What kind of production state was the order in Nangang; Venezuela threatened to suspend oil exports to the United States and decided to stop supplying ExxonMobil with orders, which also supported oil prices today However, the director general of the International Energy Agency (IEA) believes that the impact of this matter is "very limited"

the US dollar fell against most major currencies, weighed down by a string of weak US economic data

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