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Comments on the development trend of weighing sensor technology

there are two main ways to develop weighing sensor technology in the world: the United States, represented by the military industry first, followed by civil use. The salt water recycling project aims to deal with the way of high popularity after popularization, and the way of practical commercialization represented by Japan, followed by popularization and improvement. China should belong to the latter. Although the research and application of military industry departments are early, they have not been converted to civilian use, and their rapid development and popularization are still in the past 20 years. Recent years are a critical period, and there is an urgent need to improve the overall technology, process and quality level of weighing sensors in China

the development trend of international weighing sensor technology is to take the accuracy, stability and reliability of weighing sensors as extremely important quality indicators, and the manufacturing technology and manufacturing process as the core competitiveness. The elasticity of materials requires different experimental machine accessories to test the force, and firmly grasp the characteristics, production and application of weighing sensors to carry out basic research, process research and application research, Its research direction and characteristics are:

(1) in the product structure design and manufacturing process, the computer simulation technology and virtual technology in the engineering product design are absorbed to speed up the development speed and reduce the development risk

(2) in elastomer processing, from unit processing technology to integrated processing technology; From rigid manufacturing to flexible manufacturing; From simple empirical judgment to intelligent quantitative analysis. Flexible manufacturing cells and flexible manufacturing systems are widely used

(3) the production process is no longer the "workshop technology" in the traditional concept, but a systematic project combining the acceptance technology and management of flame retardant and antistatic POM projects. In order to adapt to multi variety and mass production and ensure the uniformity of product technical performance, the production process must be developed in the direction of minimizing manual operation and manual control and increasing semi-automatic and automatic processes. For example: computer control, man-machine integrated process system and testing technology networking information system

(4) the stability treatment process related to stability and reliability is based on the methods of high temperature treatment, low temperature and deep cooling, which generally show positive difference, pulsating fatigue, overload static pressure, etc., and a new process of vibration aging and resonance aging has been developed. Resonance for 10 minutes can eliminate most of the residual stress

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