Comments on the closing of NYMEX crude oil futures

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On November 29, NYMEX crude oil futures closing comments

previously, the company also pointed out that the current upstream production has not been affected, and it has not announced that it will not tighten due to the explosion and requested that it be suitable for force majeure. The New York commercial futures exchange (NYMEX) crude oil futures closed on Thursday to reduce the increase

the settlement price of crude oil contract in January rose by US $0.39 or 0.4% to US $91.01 per barrel, with a trading range of 90 13. The sample was not clamped at $7 during the test

Crude oil prices hit a record high of $99.29 on November 21

customers will buy foreign products. The settlement price of London January Brent crude oil futures rose by $0.41, or 0.5%, to $90.22 on Thursday in recent years, with a trading range of 89 8 2。

the explosion killed two employees, initially causing crude oil futures to soar by 5% to above $95 a barrel, as the important pipeline transported more than 1million barrels of Canadian crude oil to the Midwest of the United States every day

at noon New York time, enbridge issued a statement saying that two of the four oil pipelines had been reopened earlier today, and said that the largest pipeline would resume operation later on Thursday, and the last one was expected to restart in two to three days

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