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Comments on the chemical warehouse receipt of the treasure island exchange on November 18

the warehouse receipt of the treasure island exchange reported that methanol fell sharply across the board today. The settlement price of me0904 was 1970 yuan/ton, up -43 yuan/ton from yesterday's settlement. A total of 7044 batches (35220 tons) were traded throughout the day, a decrease of 6161 batches from the previous trading day, and the total order volume reached 14060 batches (70300 tons), an increase of 512 batches from the previous trading day

methanol varieties:

the main variety 0904 jumped low in early trading, followed by a short recovery, with pressure fluctuation falling above 2000 points, and closed at about 10:15; At the beginning of the afternoon trading, the down limit was opened. What are the uses of the anchor fatigue testing machine and the functional characteristics of the equipment? It was closed again soon, and finally closed at the down limit price of 1933 yuan/ton

2018 reduced to 39 news:

(1) external market: FOB US Gulf cents/gallon fell 7 cents/gallon, FOB Rotterdam 160 5 euros/ton. CFR China fell by $12.5 per ton in USD/ton, while CFR Southeast Asia rose by $12.5 per ton in USD/ton

(2) domestic market: as of press time, the mainstream quotation in East China is temporarily stable at yuan/ton, and the mainstream quotation in South China is temporarily stable at yuan/ton; The mainstream quotation in North China is yuan/ton, which is temporarily stable

(3) manufacturers/upstream dynamics:

today, the quotation of some domestic methanol manufacturers in Henan fell, and the quotation of some manufacturers in Anhui rose. It is understood that on November 17, the closing quotation of Datong you blended coal of 6000 kcal at Qinhuangdao Port fell by 90 yuan/ton, to 780 yuan/ton -800 yuan/ton, on the basis of a drop of 30 yuan/ton last week. The closing price of 5500 kcal of Shanxi Youhun coal is 700 yuan/ton -720 yuan/ton, which is far lower than the previous "price limit order" price of the national development and Reform Commission (the lowest closing price of 5500 kcal of calorific value in Qinhuangdao port is 860 yuan/ton). In addition, according to the weekly index of the global coal electronic trading platform, the international coal price fell back to below the $100/ton mark with the decline of the international oil price, reaching $97.52/ton. NYMEX crude oil December futures closed down $2.09 at $54.95 a barrel overnight

(and there are many functions. 4) supply dynamics:

Anhui Linquan methanol rectification unit is currently in shutdown state. The manufacturer said that it will take days to return to normal, and there is no refined alcohol sales at present. Shaanxi Shenmu phase I 200000 t/a methanol plant is in normal production, and no external quotation will be made this week. The new 400000 T/a methanol plant in the new generation of atmospheric drying technology developed by ershengnuo energy saving technology company has been put into operation, and the current production load is not high. The 100000 t/a natural gas methanol plant in Liuhua, Gansu Province, has been restarted, and the manufacturer said it would resume sales soon

technical aspect (continuous methanol):

(1) price situation: the market shows a downward trend in the medium term, and is in a volatile situation in the short term, with a daily limit closing

(2) K-line shape and volume price relationship: take out the negative line with shadow, reduce the transaction volume, and slightly increase the order volume. The selling pressure above 2000 is heavy, and the possibility of short-term shock correction is greater

(3) moving average system (4,9,18), support pressure: on the daily chart, the closing fell below the 4-day moving average; The 4-day moving average on the 60 minute chart continued to go down for 9 and 18 days. Short term reference support levels 1800 and 1670, pressure level 2000

(4) index: on the daily chart, the whole MACD moves up slowly below the zero axis; KD index shows signs of adhesion. On the 60 minute chart, MACD has a dead cross above the zero axis; KD index express entered the oversold area. Overall, the indicators tend to be empty

styrene varieties:

latest developments in the spot market: the intraday price of styrene in East China is stable at yuan/ton, and the seller sticks to the price of more than 5000, but the market is difficult to accept the high price, and the buyer and the seller are in a stalemate. The intraday price of styrene in South China is about 5100 yuan. The market is short of buying gas, the transaction is light, and the traders' mentality is poor. They are still pessimistic about the future market. (personal view, for reference only)

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