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Jiedu HD night vision panoramic car dash cam d880 evaluation how to use evaluation

first use experience: no dust and debris, great recorder! It used to be used by Jetto, but it has a single head small screen. The quality is also good. Now change this, the price is very affordable! Buy two at a time. The screen display is very clear, and it can be switched between single screen, double screen, front and rear camera screens! The camera definition is very good, and the license plate is clear. This is taken in the evening, and the effect is good. I installed the rear camera in the car, and the angle and definition are not good. Wait for another one to be installed outside the car and compare it! Is the big screen very enjoyable

evaluation after using for a period of time:

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product parameters:

Product Name: jado/Jiedu d880

main lens aperture: f2.0

brand: jado/Jiedu

model: d880

package: the official standard package report points out that one package, two packages, three packages, four packages, five packages, seven packages, eight

installation type: rearview mirror

image resolution: 1080p

camera pixels: 12million

camera pixels: 5million

picture view 2. Sensor use 1. Fixed time rear angle: 140 °

operating memory: 1GB

number of lenses: double 16 Machine weight: About 180kg lens

color classification: Black

screen size: 6.86 inches

function: night vision, enhanced cycle video inspection, intelligent voice control

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