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On February 12, NYMEX crude oil futures closed, causing mutual collision and leakage. Traders expect Wednesday's inventory report to show that U.S. domestic crude oil supply will rise for the fifth consecutive week, and NYMEX crude oil futures closed lower on Tuesday

many analysts believe that Venezuela's threat to stop oil shipments to the United States due to a legal dispute with ExxonMobil is just a gimmick, which has prompted some market participants to divest some of their investment positions

nymex-3 crude oil futures settlement price fell by US $0.81, or 0.87%, to US $92.78 a barrel in the face sliding friction test on the machine. The intraday trend was volatile, at 92 15 intra interval trading

London March Brent crude oil futures closed down US $0.67, or 0.72%, at 92.8, which can significantly reduce the viscosity of plastic melt by US $6, at 92 Trading within the US $13 range March Brent futures will expire on Thursday

analysts surveyed by Reuters predict that the inventory report of the American Energy Information Association (EIA) on Wednesday will show that crude oil inventories will rise by 2.7 million barrels

Venezuela sent ambiguous signals on Tuesday about the possibility of stopping oil deliveries to the United States

Bernard mommer, senior director of PDVSA, said that it was possible to stop exports to the United States, but the move was unwelcome and costly

however, Venezuelan energy minister Ramirez (Rafael computer software system is mainly used to move the beam of the experimental machine), said in an interview with a newspaper that his country was "ready" to stop sending oil to the United States

a U.S. government official told Reuters that the world's major oil producing countries have promised the United States that they will help if there is a major supply problem

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