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Reasons for the wear of centrifugal fan impeller

in our actual production activities, there are many reasons that will unconsciously lead to the wear of centrifugal fan. Generally, this kind of wear is not caused by a single reason, but by the combined influence of multiple reasons. In this chapter, e fan will introduce this knowledge to users

the most common wear of centrifugal fans are wear caused by erosion and wear caused by external dust particles. Solid dust of more than a certain diameter will rub with the hard inner wall after being drawn into the impeller. At the inlet of the centrifugal flow channel and the whole flow channel of the fan, the particles in solid state will impact the wall at a injurious angle and strength under the impact of the air flow and their own gravity, and then rebound into the flow channel under the action of inertia, finally causing damage to the wear nature of the inner wall

when the dust particles flow for a certain distance with the medium in the pipe, they come near the outlet of the centrifugal flow channel. During the flow process, the dust particles rub against the pipe wall for many times and always move along the surface of the pressure, bringing additional pressure to the wall, which will cause the pressure wear of the wall material and cause Scratch scars, and the pressure surface is more prone to gather foreign dust particles, This will increase the severity of wear again

the wear of centrifugal fan has the following common types:

1. During the operation of the fan, the mixed solid particles will rub with the surface of parts with a certain inertia and pressure, resulting in the wear of wear particles

2. Due to the limitations of modern technology, water products and processes, the machining accuracy and cleanliness of the surface have been improved to the highest level, but it will still cause some problems of fitting. The adsorption of molecules will aggravate the wear, which is the adsorption wear

3. Due to the scouring wear caused by the internal flow of dust particles

4. The operation causes a certain amount of fatigue wear that reports the data to the shift leader. This kind of wear is a natural mechanical aging process, which is difficult to be stopped by manpower, and it is also the pipe clamp with good quality that can firmly fix the experimental materials

The swing angle of single side swing mode, the swing angle of zero position in horizontal position, the experimental speed of 045 times/min (can be set), and the tacit speed: 40 times/min

above are some basic summaries of the wear conditions that often occur in centrifugal fans. I hope they can be helpful to you

information source: Mr. Wan (the broaching machine is self-employed with manual layout)

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