50 loading locomotives of the hottest German worke

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Recently, 50 loading locomotives from German workers have the advantages of long operation time, short molding time, fast ripening, low odor and high demoulding times. German workers then received a large order, and 50 5-ton loaders were shipped to Cuba through Qingdao port. It is reported that this batch of equipment is equipped with an anti rollover cab according to the needs of customers

50 loading locomotives of Degong are delivered to Cuba

the 5-ton loader of Degong adopts Weichai high-power engine, with environmental protection skills and high reliability; It is equipped with a dual pump confluence hydraulic system and a priority unloading valve, which has the effect of priority steering and energy saving; Single pipe service braking, optional braking, cutting off the driving power device, low-pressure protection, emergency braking and parking braking are combined to ensure the safety of operation and driving; In addition, the anti rollover cab is installed, which greatly improves the safety factor of the whole vehicle and makes it more safe and reliable

this export to Cuba is the second time that the company has exported large quantities to Cuba since the end of the signal month of six EO c: conversion, which requires the company to accumulate small portions in detail. Since the equipment was put into operation 50 years ago, it has demonstrated the reliability and stability of Degong products for the first time, laying a solid foundation for further expanding the international market

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