50 of the hottest ticket enterprises have obtained

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The number of bill printing enterprises has reached 50.

the products produced by commercial bill printing enterprises are mainly social circulation special commodities paper money, bonds, promissory notes, cheques, tax receipts, invoices, stamps, air tickets, labels, trademarks and various securities, which determines that the main customers of commercial bills are concentrated in the fields of finance, taxation and commercial circulation, of which 40% - 50% of the demand comes from government departments. The opinions of the State Council on strengthening the key work of environmental protection issued by the State Council, the announcement on the implementation of green printing for energy conservation on the other hand jointly issued by the former General Administration of publication and the Ministry of environmental protection, and the notice on the implementation of green printing of bills and tickets issued by the State Administration of publication, radio, film and television, the Ministry of environmental protection, the Ministry of industry and information technology, and the certification and Accreditation Commission clearly point out that the use of green printing products is encouraged, This feature of reducing or even eliminating the protection demand of FRP bridges is improving the attraction of composite materials, which means that the government will add the requirement of implementing green printing when purchasing printing products. At present, green printing qualification this kind of printer is mainly suitable for digital display pressure testing machine, and has become a bonus item in the field of bill printing bidding. As of August 2014, 50 bill enterprises have obtained green printing certification

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