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500 billion investment in nuclear power equipment private enterprises share the cake of auxiliary equipment

affected by the nuclear leak of Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan in 2011, domestic nuclear power construction once slowed down, but with the increasing pressure on energy and environmental protection abroad, nuclear power construction has quietly accelerated

affected by the nuclear leakage incident of Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan in 2011, domestic nuclear power construction once slowed down, but with the increasing pressure of energy and environmental protection, nuclear power construction has quietly accelerated

recently, an exclusive interview was conducted with domestic experts in the field of nuclear power and the chief engineer of a nuclear power design institute. He believes that the next few years will be a period of rapid development of domestic nuclear power construction. It is expected that there will be trillions of investments, half of which will be used for nuclear power equipment, and the profits of nuclear power equipment are very high, which is expected to benefit a number of enterprises

annual average equipment investment of 50billion

last week, the China Nuclear Energy Industry Association released the research results of the subject "environmental impact assessment of inland nuclear power plants" in Yiyang, Hunan Province, and believed that inland nuclear power plants would not affect the environment and public health. It is speculated that in addition to wishing the Jung summit forum better and better, the coastal nuclear power units will speed up, and the restart of inland nuclear power may be on the agenda in the future. This is only a few months after the adoption of the nuclear power safety plan (year) and the medium and long term development plan for nuclear power (year) at the end of last year

experts estimate that the compound growth rate of nuclear power installed capacity will reach about 20% in the next 10 years. The approval and commencement of nuclear power projects will reach a peak in the next 10 years. Six to seven new nuclear power plants are approved every year

according to the general law, 50% of the investment in nuclear power plants will be used for equipment, and the average annual total investment for equipment is close to 50billion yuan. New or newly approved nuclear power plants will be dominated by third-generation nuclear power technology. At present, the nationalization degree of the third generation nuclear power technology is only 50%, and it is expected that the nationalization degree will reach 70% or even higher in the future

at the same time, the nuclear power industry chain is long, with a total of about 300 kinds of systems, nearly 10000 sets of large and small equipment, and equipment manufacturing involves many industries. The huge cake of the nuclear power industry has brought domestic nuclear power equipment manufacturers into a period of rapid growth, with a large number of industries and companies potentially benefiting

however, nuclear power equipment manufacturing has a high technology and investment threshold

nuclear power stations have extremely high requirements for equipment stability and safety, and the manufacturing certification of relevant nuclear equipment is required. Most of the fine molecule industries are in an oligarchic competition pattern. Moreover, the profitability of nuclear power equipment manufacturing is at the highest level of power plant equipment manufacturing, and the gross profit margin is usually 40% to 60%. Therefore, some enterprises are eager to see the high gross profit of nuclear power

however, the expert warned that enterprises that have not done nuclear power should not enter the industry easily. "Nuclear power equipment has high requirements, especially for the safety and reliability of operation. The entry threshold is high, and the cycle from product research and development to national certification is very long. If you enter blindly, there is a great investment risk." He said

state owned enterprises monopolize the main equipment market

it is reported that the main equipment market of nuclear power, which has the largest investment in nuclear power, is still dominated by state-owned enterprise groups with the characteristics of light weight, high strength and versatility. The orders of main equipment manufacturers are saturated, and the competition is not fierce at present. However, some strong private enterprises are also ready to enter this market

the main equipment of nuclear power station mainly refers to the main equipment of nuclear island and conventional island. Taking the third generation nuclear power technology AP1000 as an example, the investment of nuclear island accounts for more than half of the whole nuclear power equipment. At present, domestic enterprises with the manufacturing capacity of complete sets of nuclear island equipment are limited to several heavy equipment enterprises, such as China National Heavy Industry Corporation Limited, *st National Heavy Industry Corporation Limited, Shanghai Electric Heavy Industry Corporation Limited (Shanghai Heavy Industry Corporation Limited)

according to the expert, the technical level of these nuclear power equipment manufacturers is similar, and there are many orders. "Now we are still processing second-generation processing equipment. It is expected that orders for the third-generation nuclear power plants will increase in the next year, and these orders cannot be digested by a single enterprise."

the third generation nuclear power market has broad prospects, and it also attracts the participation of private enterprises. The expert said that although the entry threshold of nuclear power main equipment is high and the investment is large, it is open to all potential participants. The key is to meet the technical requirements and have production capacity. "For example, 16000 tons of water presses are necessary for the production of large forgings. As far as I know, some private enterprises have begun to build new ones. They may vigorously enter the nuclear power market in the future."

in addition, the construction of conventional island accounts for 29% of the total investment in nuclear power equipment, and its main function is to convert the steam heat energy generated by the nuclear island into mechanical energy of steam turbine, and then into electrical energy through generator. The manufacturing of conventional island equipment is limited to the three major power station equipment manufacturing groups: Shanghai Electric, Dongfang Electric and Harbin power

according to the introduction, although on the whole, the manufacturing of nuclear power main equipment is in an oligopoly situation. However, last year, the state newly approved five private enterprises, Sichuan Huadu, Zhongke Yinghua, Qingdao Lanshi, Wuxi waltai and Jiangsu Haishi, to obtain nuclear power equipment design and manufacturing qualifications. In the future, the field of nuclear power main equipment manufacturing is not completely competitive

private enterprises share the cake of auxiliary equipment

in nuclear power equipment, private enterprises occupy an absolutely dominant position in auxiliary equipment, including pumps, valves, pipelines, and their competitiveness depends on the time of entry and R & D strength. For example, Jiuli special materials began to develop nuclear power steam generators three years ago, and obtained the certification of the national nuclear safety administration at the beginning of this year, becoming the only enterprise in China that can produce nuclear power steam generators except Baosteel. At present, its samples are being tested, because it is an imported substitute product. If it passes the test, it will soon get an order

but it is not easy for new enterprises to share the nuclear cake. According to reports, nuclear power equipment has higher professional attributes than any other products, especially for the safety and reliability of its operation. All nuclear equipment, design, manufacture, installation, inspection, etc. must undergo strict application, simulated condition inspection, nuclear safety agency evaluation, acceptance procedures, and finally the national nuclear safety administration issues a license. According to the information disclosed by the national nuclear safety administration, only 110 domestic enterprises have obtained the relevant qualifications for civil nuclear safety equipment

according to the expert, in terms of valves, there are dozens of enterprises that have obtained licenses from the national nuclear safety administration. However, there are hundreds of valves needed by nuclear power plants, which can not be monopolized by one or two. At present, among the enterprises that produce valves, except that CNNC technology is a state-owned enterprise, others belong to private enterprises. For valve enterprises, there is competition and division of labor. Jiangsu Shentong focuses on ball valves and butterfly valves, while the upper valve focuses on safety valves to implement the determination of anemia and diabetes, while nuclear technology focuses on miscellaneous valves

"for the orderly competition and healthy development of the industry, the national nuclear safety administration has strict control over the industry, and stipulates that after the number of valve manufacturers with the same specification reaches 5, it will no longer be approved." The expert said, "this can ensure that enterprises have better profits and let them spend more energy on quality management and technological progress."

the same situation also appears in the pipeline field. At present, the production of nuclear grade pipes is only made by Jiuli special materials, Changchun special steel and other enterprises. In addition to major breakthroughs in pipeline technology, it is difficult for other new entrants to issue new licenses in the short term

some other key equipment, such as steam safety valve, up flushing pump and other key equipment, have not been localized. Once domestic enterprises make breakthroughs in these areas, the economic benefits will also be very prominent

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