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50% tax reduction for photovoltaic power generation is good for power stations and high-efficiency crystalline silicon enterprises

following the "eight national regulations" for photovoltaic in the early stage and the six new policies promoted by the executive meeting of the State Council, the experiment of general demand was completed on September 29, and the Ministry of Finance station issued a notice again to reduce the tax for photovoltaic self operated power generation by 50%

following the eight national photovoltaic policies in the early stage and the six new policies promoted by the executive meeting of the State Council, the Ministry of Finance station issued a notice again on September 29 to reduce the tax for photovoltaic self operated power generation by 50%

within a few months, the photovoltaic industry policies followed one after another, and both the strength and interval of the policies significantly exceeded expectations. The above 50% tax reduction policy once again injected a shot of strength into the photovoltaic industry that is on the road to recovery

under the resonance of the above information and various positive factors in the early stage, on September 27 and 30, photovoltaic listed companies in the A-share market, such as Zhonghuan shares (002129, closing price of 24.85 yuan), Zhongli Technology (002309, closing price of 15.45 yuan), Longji shares (601012, closing price of 16.83 yuan), have risen sharply one after another. In the U The shares of Boeing 737 and Yingli Green Energy also rose sharply

tax cuts directly benefit power plant enterprises

the current recovery of the photovoltaic industry has been recognized by more and more investors. On the way to the recovery of the industry, national policies continue to relay, generating more investment opportunities. In recent days, many photovoltaic listed companies have performed quite well in both the U.S. capital market and the A-share market. Just as investors were intoxicated by the rise in share prices, the industry's benefits came again

on September 29, the Ministry of Finance announced that in order to encourage the use of solar power and promote the healthy development of related industries, according to the spirit of the approval of the State Council, from October 1, 2013 to December 31, 2015, taxpayers selling self-produced power products produced using solar energy will be subject to a 50% VAT refund policy

How to interpret the tax rebate of

50%? For photovoltaic listed companies, which kind of enterprises will directly benefit

insiders pointed out that the above 50% tax rebate will undoubtedly directly benefit the downstream power station operation and development enterprises. For the operating enterprises, the current power station value-added tax is 17%, and the discount of 8.5% is equivalent to an increase of tax free electricity price of about 0.06 yuan/kWh, which will correspondingly increase the profit margin and internal rate of return of power station operators, and enhance the attractiveness of power stations. For development enterprises, the attraction of power stations has increased 4 The vibration caused by the universal testing machine itself will stimulate the demand of power station development. The implementation of the tax reduction policy will greatly stimulate the construction of power stations in the next two years, whether large-scale ground power stations or distributed generation systems

this trial production of BIW is Zui's new energy A00 class all aluminum vehicle favored by OEMs.

securities analysts pointed out that the government is determined to support the domestic photovoltaic application market. It is expected that detailed policies such as the distributed photovoltaic access process and the exemption of power generation qualification will be implemented in the fourth quarter. The high demand for photovoltaic applications in China will continue in the next two years, and distributed photovoltaic is expected to achieve explosive growth

two types of companies benefit from tax rebates

insiders told the daily economy that the tax cut is 50%, and it is expected that the cost of photovoltaic power generation will fall by 5%. At present, companies with self operated photovoltaic power generation projects, such as aerospace electromechanical (600151, closing price of 9.22 yuan), Hairun photovoltaic (600401, closing price of 6.41 yuan), Zhongli technology will directly benefit, which is also the first kind of listed companies to benefit

in addition, the construction equipment of solar power station mainly includes solar cell modules, controllers, batteries [non-ferrous business opportunities: automotive batteries], inverters, loads, etc. Among the above components, the battery module is undoubtedly the most core content, because the module has a great impact on the conversion rate of the whole power station, which directly affects the construction cost

the above 50% tax rebate will stimulate the construction of solar power stations, and in the construction of solar power stations, it will undoubtedly directly stimulate the demand for power station construction equipment. In the solar cell module sector, the core is the solar silicon chip, which includes monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon. There are many domestic enterprises in these two silicon chips. What kind of silicon chip will be used in the next power station construction

high efficiency monocrystalline silicon wafer will be the mainstream of photovoltaic power generation system in the future. An insider told that the high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon wafer has high photoelectric conversion efficiency, so the direct beneficiaries are still the high-efficiency solar silicon wafer manufacturers with complete technical advantages, which is the second category of companies that benefit from the above 50% tax rebate. Among monocrystalline silicon listed companies, Longji shares and Zhonghuan shares are included

in addition, although polysilicon is still the mainstream in the current silicon wafer, the market share of monocrystalline silicon will gradually increase from the perspective of the reduction space of conversion rate and cost. Therefore, Jingsheng electromechanical (300316, closing price 17.48 yuan), which is engaged in monocrystalline silicon growth furnace, will also benefit directly

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