10000 ton citric acid project of Yixing thermal po

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Yixing thermal power plant 10000 ton citric acid project


the basic structure of "intelligent instrument +rs485 Network + computer configuration" is adopted in the computer monitoring system of the 10000 ton citric acid project of Yixing thermal power plant, that is, the relatively independent and powerful intelligent instrument undertakes the physical quantity control and data acquisition at the industrial site; RS485 communication standard is adopted between each instrument. At present, Shandong has formed a new material industry chain represented by polyurethane, carbon fiber, and fluorosilicone materials, and the twisted pair connection constitutes RS485 network; Then connect the RS485 network with the configured upper industrial microcomputer to form a complete industrial control system. The system consists of management, operation station, instrument control room and industrial site. The management layer and operation station are composed of management computer, report printer and UPS (providing backup power for the equipment in the host room); The instrument control room is composed of RS-485 communication network and AI series artificial intelligence industrial regulators, which are systematically responsible for the monitoring and control of temperature, pressure, flow and liquid level at each control point and measurement point in the production process, as well as the collection and conversion of data points, alarm discrimination, recording, report generation, accident recall and other work; Industrial site includes industrial equipment, primary instruments and some secondary instruments installed on site, which is the executive part of the whole production process

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