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50 years of reform and development of Shanghai Changfeng Chemical Plant

on the occasion of the opening of the 2010 Shanghai WorldExpo, Shanghai Changfeng Chemical Plant ushered in its 50th birthday. On April 30, 1960, China's economy was facing extreme difficulties, and China's chemical industry was also starting to develop. Changfeng Chemical Plant came into being with challenges and opportunities

over the past half century, after experiencing the challenges of ups and downs in development, and withstanding the pressure of market ups and downs, generations of Changfeng people have cultivated a recycling station that initially refined coal tar products into a "leading" enterprise in the production field of paint and coating additives with the spirit of hard work and vigorous exploration, and created the famous brands of "Changfei" and "Changfeng" that are deeply trusted by users

Shanghai Changfeng Chemical Plant is a wholly state-owned enterprise owned by Huayi Group Shanghai coating Co., Ltd. and one of the earliest and largest manufacturers of naphthenic acid, naphthenate, isooctanoate and rare earth drier in China. The predecessor of the enterprise is the coking product recycling station of Shanghai organic chemical industry company, which mainly uses coal tar as raw material to process and refine benzene, phenol, pyridine and 200# tar solvent products. In the 1960s, the enterprise developed from a recycling station to a processing plant, and it was renamed Shanghai Changfeng Chemical plant only in 1972. In the late 1960s, the enterprise pioneered a production device with an annual output of 100 tons of cobalt naphthenate in China to provide paint driers for the paint industry

over the past 50 years, Changfeng people have written a chapter to promote enterprise development and contribute more to the society with their tireless exploration spirit. In 1971, a series of process reforms were carried out on naphthenic acid and cobalt naphthenate, and a new process of vacuum distillation of naphthenic acid unit and solvent extraction of cobalt naphthenate was created, which not only eliminated the harm of benzene poisoning, but also significantly expanded the production capacity, and formed two categories of products, naphthenic acid and cobalt naphthenate

the road of development is not always calm. The enterprise has also built 120 t/a dicyandiamide process and 500 t/a urea process melamine production units, but due to small scale, backward process and high cost, it stopped production successively in the 1980s. Encountering setbacks in development, Changfeng people did not lose heart, but moved forward difficultly in the face of challenges

reform and opening up have brought development opportunities for Changfeng plant. The enterprise has increased cooperation with domestic research institutes, and successfully developed the first batch of PVC liquid plastic stabilizers in China in 1978; In 1981, we developed rare earth oil, and we will provide you with more relevant information about paint driers; From 1989 to 1990, T-17 water-based coating thickener, P-19 pigment dispersant, refined high-purity naphthenic acid and other products were successively put into production. The R & D and production of a series of new products laid a solid foundation for the development of the enterprise

Changfeng plant pays attention to development and pursues development. Over the past 50 years, it has formed seven series of leading products in the fields of coatings, paints, inks, plastics, rubber, composite materials, etc. the enterprise has its own technology and has applied for five invention patents; Unsaturated resin accelerator was rated as a new product in Shanghai; Metal carboxylate products were rated as high-tech products in Shanghai; The trademark of "Changfei" was rated as a famous brand in Shanghai

face up to difficulties and challenges and speed up adjustment and development

in the sea of market economy, small enterprises are like a small sampan. Changfeng Chemical Plant overcame many difficulties and withstood the wind and waves

once, enterprises posed a competitive threat to enterprises due to the outflow of technical talents; The Asian financial crisis in 1997 made enterprises face severe challenges; Located in the central urban area of Shanghai center, it is a key unit monitored by the Municipal Administration of work safety. In 2010, Shanghai hosted the WorldExpo, and the enterprise was included in the central ring road and Hongqiao transportation hub project circle, facing overall relocation; In 2008, the global financial crisis occurred again, and the market shrank...

in recent years, the strong Changfeng people "smile proudly" storm, adhere to the development in the adjustment, and walk out of the four good moves of adjustment and development

step 1: strengthen cooperation between factories and institutes and strengthen product development. In cooperation with Shanghai paint research institute, the enterprise has successively developed a series of products of cobalt naphthenate and cobalt isooctanoate; The water-based coating thickener was developed; On the basis of P-19 aqueous dispersant, it also aims at the new green, environmental friendly and tasteless dispersant, which has entered the pilot test and will be put on the market soon

step 2: resolutely obey the overall situation and realize smooth relocation. According to the needs of Shanghai's industrial development and the hosting of the WorldExpo, it will become an open-loop system Changfeng plant, and it is duty bound to relocate enterprises from the city center to Shanghai Chemical Industry Park and Minhang production base. With the shutdown and relocation, nearly 200 of the more than 300 employees have to quit their posts. Even the employees who remain in their posts have to work in the new production base located more than 30 kilometers away. In the face of the ideological reflection of employees in different departments and positions, the leading group carried out in-depth heart to heart home visits, fully promoted democracy, widely collected and adopted the opinions of employees, insisted on rational operation, effectively safeguarded the interests of employees, and ensured the stability and safety of the party

step 3: comprehensively transform the relocated production units, adopt advanced technologies, devices and processes, double the production capacity, improve safety and environmental protection measures, and improve product quality. The relocation project achieved relocation, production and profitability in the same year. The sales of the main products cobalt naphthenate and cobalt isooctanoate increased instead of decreasing. In 2009, the per capita output value was nearly 2million yuan, and the economic benefits reached the best level in history since the establishment of the plant. The overall relocation of the enterprise has also put an end to the relocation of all enterprises within the middle ring road of Huayi Group

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